Q: How do I become a PFF participant?

A: Email the coordinator at Simply attend PFF events listed under the workshop schedule.

Q: Is the program only for Ph.D. students?

A: No. Preparing Future Faculty workshops is a resource available to all graduate students, including Master's and Doctoral students.

Q: Can post-doctoral fellows participate?

A: Yes. Email the coordinator at Simply attend PFF events listed under the workshop schedule.

Q: Is there a fee?

A: There is no fee for PFF workshops. If you choose to take any of the graduate courses that satisfy PFF program requirements tuition fees apply.

Q: May I complete activities and workshops organized through other Marquette departments and/or at institutions or universities outside of Marquette?

A: Yes, when approved in advance. PFF will grant workshop equivalency include but are not limited to the following: courses in the College of Education; TA workshops offered at Marquette academic departments; workshops offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning; Manresa, etc. Please contact the Preparing Future Faculty coordinator prior to the workshop you would like to have considered for approval. Have specific information available about the activity and how it meets the requirement you have identified.

Q: When can I start the PFF program?

A: You may start participation in the PFF program at any point of your graduate school career at Marquette. We highly recommend you attend one of the orientation sessions held at the beginning of each semester. This provides students with valuable program information.

Q: What is the PFF certificate program?

A: Participants have the opportunity to earn a certificate. An official notation is added to your transcript indicating that you've completed the requirements of the PFF Certificate Program and have pursued professional development for a career in academia beyond your degree requirements.

Q: How do I complete the certificate program?

A: To meet the requirements for the PFF certificate graduate students must attend PFF-sponsored events and workshops, which are offered every fall and spring semester, as well as create a teaching portfolio. Participants must complete requirements in the following areas:

Q: Must I complete all the requirements of the certificate program within a specified time period?

A: No. You will need to complete the requirements prior to graduation. You may work toward the completing the certificate program at your own pace during your career as a graduate student at Marquette.

Q: What is the best way to stay current with workshops, PFF-related events, and other announcements?

A: Join the PFF email listserv. Email the coordinator at




Future Faculty


Sponsored by the Graduate School, the PFF program provides development opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The aim of the program is to help prepare participants for a successful career in higher education as an academic, with emphasis on developing skills to teach effectively and preparation to navigate the initial stages of an academic job search.

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