Taking basic safety precautions and being well-informed about the numerous programs and services offered by the Department of Public Safety will allow students and employees to become engaged partners in maintaining a safe university community.

What You Can Do

Public Safety Staff

The Department of Public Safety is staffed 24 hours a day, every day, by trained, skilled officers whose goal is to assure the safety and security of Marquette students, faculty, staff and property. Officers patrol the campus and adjacent areas by squad, on foot and by bicycle. Officers are not authorized by law to make arrests but may detain suspects for law enforcement agencies.

Reporting Incidents

Timely reporting of incidents relating to suspicious activity, medical emergencies, accidents or crime is vital in summoning the appropriate assistance. Students and employees are encouraged to program Public Safety's routine and emergency phone numbers into their cell phones for easy access. Public Safety's phone numbers are posted near all phones located in common areas of university buildings and residence halls. Additionally, more than 450 Blue Light Phones, providing direct access to Public Safety, are available throughout the campus area for use in reporting a crime or requesting assistance.

If you witness a crime or are the victim of a crime, please:

When a crime is reported, Public Safety will coordinate an appropriate response with the Milwaukee Police Department or the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications

When a crime or incident that represents an imminent or ongoing threat to the campus community is reported, the Department of Public Safety, in collaboration with other university departments, is prepared to issue Public Safety Alerts in a timely manner. An Event and Emergency Management Plan is in place, outlining a process to quickly share information and provide the most appropriate response, including the issuance of Public Safety Alerts. The issuance of Public Safety Alerts is subject to the availability of pertinent information.

Public Safety Alerts may be distributed to community members via email, text message, social media, university voicemail, the university’s website, Axis TV message boards, and/or postings in on- and off-campus buildings. The method(s) of dissemination will be determined based on the particular situation.

Sources of Information for Students and Staff

Information about campus safety, incidents of crime and crime statistics are available from Public Safety via several sources.

Daily Crime and Fire Log

The Department of Public Safety maintains a Daily Crime and Fire Log that records, by the date the incident was reported, all crimes and other serious incidents occurring on campus, within non-campus buildings or properties, on public property or within the department’s patrol boundaries. The daily log is available for public inspection at the department’s headquarters, located at 749 N. 16th St., and is posted on the Public Safety website.

The Daily Crime and Fire Log includes the nature, date, time and general location of each crime reported to the department, as well as the disposition of the complaint, if the information is known at the time of publication. The department posts incidents in the Daily Crime and Fire Log within two business days of receiving a report and reserves the right to exclude reports under certain circumstances.

Emergency Response

The university's Emergency Procedures Guide includes information about criminal activity; medical emergencies; severe weather and utility failures; chemical spills and hazardous odors or leaks; and shelter-in-place and evacuation guidelines. University departments are responsible for developing contingency plans and continuity of operations plans for their staff and areas of responsibility. The university conducts emergency response exercises each year, such as table top exercises, field exercises, and tests of the emergency notification systems on campus. These tests are designed to assess and evaluate the emergency plans and capabilities of the institution.

Public Safety officers and supervisors have received training in Incident Command and Responding to Critical Incidents on Campus. When a serious incident occurs that causes an immediate threat to the campus, the first responders to the scene are usually Public Safety, MPD and the Milwaukee Fire Department, and they typically respond and work together to manage the incident. Depending on the nature of the incident, other MU departments and other local or federal agencies could also be involved in responding to the incident.

General information about the emergency response and procedures for Marquette is publicized each year as part of the institution's Clery Act compliance efforts, and that information is available on the Public Safety website. Detailed information and updates to the Emergency Procedures Guide are available on the Public Safety website at


Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.