This guide provides a quick reference for responding to emergencies on campus.
Please take a few moments to review this material and become familiar with
what you should do for yourself and others in an emergency. Please remember that Marquette’s Department of Public Safety responds to all campus emergencies.

Emergency phone numbers

In all emergencies, dial 288-1911 for Public Safety emergency response.

NOTE: Dialing 9-911 on a campus phone will connect you with the Milwaukee
Police and Fire Emergency Management System. These agencies are not familiar
with the specific campus layout. Dialing the Public Safety emergency line,
288-1911 (on campus 8-1911) will allow Public Safety officers to respond
immediately; the Public Safety Department will call 911 for EMS activation and
response coordination.

The following numbers are provided for routine calls and non-emergency situations. Use of these numbers will provide a prompt response from the responsible department and keep the necessary lines free for emergencies. All calls to Public Safety are voice and TTY capable.

Department of Public Safety 288-6800 voice/TTY
Information Technology Help Desk 288-7799
Facilities Services 288-7043
Residence Life Facilities Staff 288-7208
Environmental Health and Safety Concerns 288-8411
Risk Management/Liability or Claim information 288-1552


Persons with disabilities

Individuals with a disability should follow the same procedures. If you have questions or need further information, please call Public Safety at 288-6800.


Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.