The following options are designed to maintain property security.

Vacant House Watch Program

During academic breaks, Public Safety offers its Vacant House Watch program to students residing in the near off-campus neighborhood. Through the program, students can register their residences with Public Safety prior to leaving campus for the winter break. During the break, Public Safety officers monitor vacant residences during their routine patrols of the neighborhood. The information provided to Public Safety remains strictly confidential.

Students can fill out the Vacant House Watch form online prior to leaving their campus residence.

Students concerned about leaving their vehicles unattended can obtain free on-campus parking during the winter break. Student can register vehicles and obtain a parking pass with Parking Services after their last final exam. Additional information can be obtained from Parking Services at 288-6911.

"We've experienced a great amount of success with this program over the years," said Ruth Peterson, preventive services lieutenant. "Providing simple home security suggestions to residents, along with utilizing patrolling officers to monitor the off-campus residential area has proven successful in keeping the neighborhood secure during the time so many students are away from campus enjoying time off with family and friends."

Bicycle Security

Bicycles have traditionally served as the preferred mode of transportation on campus. For bicycle owners, the key to security is an effective lock. Quality locks, which come in a variety of styles, are affordable when compared to the investment they protect. Public Safety warns against the use of basic cable and chain locks, as they can be cut without much effort. U-locks, if used properly, provide a higher level of security above cable and chain locks. U-locks are available at the Parking Services office and the Department of Public Safety office for $25. 

Bicycles operated within the City of Milwaukee are required to display a bicycle license sticker. Licenses are free and can be obtained at the Parking Services office. Those in need of long-term bicycle storage are encouraged to utilize the secured Bike Corrals, located within the 16th Street and Wells Street Parking Structures. These enclosed corrals, equipped with card access systems, are monitored by Public Safety’s video surveillance system. Bicycles must be registered with Parking Services prior to gaining access into the Bike Corrals. Once inside the corrals, all bicycles must be secured using a high security lock.

Operation Identification

Public Safety recommends engraving valuable personal property as a deterrent against theft, as well as a means for prompt recovery when lost or stolen items are found. Therefore, Public Safety participates in Operation ID in partnership with police departments nationwide. Crime prevention officers are available to come to residence halls or apartment buildings to assist residents in engraving their valuables. Engravers and corresponding materials are also available to be checked out to students and staff wishing to engrave their own valuables.

Apartment living and home security

With a large number of students residing in the near off-campus neighborhood, Public Safety provides valuable information for those planning the move to an apartment or house. Security features to inspect and consider when looking at potential apartments are discussed in detail as are issues pertaining to general safety in the off-campus area. Leases, landlord obligations and roommate considerations are also topics of discussion.



Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.