Marquette University Hosts Biennial Navy Nurse Corps Symposium

Nurse Group

Marquette University Naval ROTC hosted their biannual Navy Nurse Corps Nursing Symposium 09-11 November assembling 67 navy nursing students from more than 20 universities and NROTC programs spanning the entire continental United States.  The group gathered in the auditorium of the Emory Clark Nursing College on the outskirts of downtown Milwaukee for a weekend of community unity and networking.  The backdrop of Veteran’s Day weekend was an ideal time for reflecting on the contributions of the US Armed Forces to the United States and the absolute dedication of a small contingent of navy officers who serve a vital role in the medical care of more than 1 million service members and their families both at home and in every forward deployed location around the world.  The conference was opened by remarks from the Commanding Officer of Marquette NROTC; Captain Joseph Bauknecht flanked by the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Margaret Callahan, an honorary Captain in the US Navy for her work with the Navy Nurse Anesthesiologist program in her earlier career.  After a personalized video message from Rear Admiral Niemyer, seven other speakers of all levels of rank and experience shared with the assembled nurses the state, contributions, and future of the Navy Nurse Corps.  Speakers included a newly commissioned Ensign, the Nursing Detailer from Millington TN, and a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserves who earned a Bronze Star for her actions as a Senior Medical Officer in Afghanistan.  The message overall to the students was not only were they embarking on an incredible journey as nurses and the principal guardians of healthcare to service members but also as leaders and decision makers capable of taking charge in any situation and, in most cases, the most dire and chaotic of situations.  As quickly as the Symposium was starting it seemed it was already over, concluding with a capstone dinner where students and speakers alike motivated one another for their collective future.

Service Selection

The senior class Navy Options received their service designations and are very excited about their future warfare communities.  Nationwide 66% of the Navy’s First Class Midshipmen received their first choice.  A breakdown of our Navy Seniors is as follows:

Five going to the Submarine Community
Six going to Aviation (three Pilot and three Naval Flight Officer)
Three going to the Surface Warfare Community (One Nuclear Power)
Two Nurses
One going to the EOD Community
One going to the Information Operations Community

Eight Marine Options are due to be commissioned in May as well. Two more will follow soon after once they complete Officer Candidates School.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an academic program which enables students to perform meaningful community service related to subject matter of their courses; in our case leadership development at Drill each Thursday. Service learning is a type of experiential learning that engages students in service within the community as an integrated aspect of a course. This semester each Battalion Company had a “mission” to build and paint elevated planter boxes, compost structures and benches for Campus Kitchen. The Campus Kitchen operates on campus and utilizes shared kitchen space, donated food, and the energy of students, faculty and community members. Volunteers prepare meals on campus, and then deliver them to agencies and individuals in the community.

MIDN 1/C Martin receives the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross

MILWAUKEE (Oct. 11, 2012) -- Capt. Joseph A. Bauknecht, commanding officer of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) unit at Marquette University, pins the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross to the uniform of Midshipman 1st Class Courtney Martin, 21, from Grafton, Wis., and senior at Marquette, during a ceremony at the university Oct. 11. This year the Legion of Valor organization named six NROTC midshipmen from colleges across the United States recipients of the medal for achievement and outstanding performance as a midshipman. (U. S. Navy photo by Midshipman 2nd Class William Coons/Released)

Sailing Day

Sailing 1












Sailing 2





On Sunday September 23, 2012 NROTC Midshipmen were afforded an outstanding opportunity to gain practical and hands on experience with the South Shore Yacht Club sailing on Lake Michigan.  The cold day was not enough to dampen the spirits of the 34 Midshipmen who, mostly for the first time, got to take hold of lines, the helm, and hike out on sail boats for several hours under the watchful eyes of the volunteer crews and skippers from the Yacht Club.  There was not a single sad face in the crowd when the Midshipmen sat down for a barbecue lunch with the outstanding crews and skippers.  It was an amazing opportunity for the future naval officers to gain fundamental exposure to skills and experiences which build the foundations of the modern day Naval Service.


Visit to the Coast Guard Station

Sailing 3
CG 1













On 05 October 2012 the Wardroom Society journeyed to the Coast Guard station in Milwaukee to learn about Coast Guard Operations.  After a brief tour of the Coast Guard Command and Sector Control buildings the Midshipmen went to the piers for tours of the Coast Guard Patrol Craft used by Sector Milwaukee.  Tour guides emphasized the missions of the Coast Guard on the Great Lakes both as law enforcement assets and search and rescue necessities.  Midshipmen also learned about the connections between the Coast Guard and Navy in real world operations and what each service can bring to the others for mission such as counter narcotics patrols off South America and oil infrastructure defense in the Arabian Gulf.  Overall Midshipmen all left with a greater appreciation of the Navy’s sister service and the contributions they bring daily to homeland defense and safety.

Madison Drill Invitational Cancelled

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all involved, things just don't work out. That's what happened with this year's Madison Drill Invitational. The battalion put in a lot of time and sweat getting ready only to have mother nature come in with a storm that was too much to handle. Maybe another event will come along that allows us to show off our skills. If it does, we'll be ready!

11th Anniversary of 9/11

On September 11th the Midshipman Battalion hosted a ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of 9/11 together with Marquette's Army and Air Force ROTC detachments. This year’s guest speaker was Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing.


At the beginning of last school year, the entire battalion was exposed to one of the largest fundraising events the unit has ever seen: Miller Park.  Undertaken due to the unit facing more costs than income, the 3/C all the way up to the 1/C were asked to volunteer their time in order to man concession stands during Brewers baseball games in order to raise funds for the battalion.  Through careful planning, coordination, and the commitment of the MIDN themselves, the unit was able to raise over $10,000 throughout the semester.  However, the fundraising efforts did not stop there.  The battalion worked concession stands again, but this time for the Bradley Center.  The battalion continues this fall semester with Miller Park again in hopes of earning even more funds for the unit.

Spring FEX               

This year’s springtime Field Exercise saw the institution of numerous pivotal changes in how the FEX was planned and executed.  Marine Options of all rank came together for a weekend of camaraderie-building activities and squad-based competition. This spring the Marine Options utilized the opportunity to have an independent FEX at Kettle Moraine with an autonomous game-plan; the Semper Fi Society President (MIDN 1/C Kuczynski) created a new plan for the entire weekend.  Thus, the aim of the field experience shifted toward a camaraderie-promoting goal, which was (despite deterring weather) an overall success. 

Spring FEX 2012


On Saturday, 21 APR 2012, the midshipmen and cadets of Marquette University’s TRI ROTC program participated in the annual Awards Ceremony in the Old Gym.  The honor platoons from Air Force, Army, and Navy ROTC were formed and paraded in front of the Commanders of all three ROTC programs, families, friends, and more than 40 presenters. These presenters and their organizations showed their pride and thanks to the midshipmen and cadets offering commissioning kits for graduating seniors and scholarships to those who are ranked at the top of their respective programs. A sincere thanks is extended to these individuals who support and encourage the growth of the leaders of tomorrow. 

Spring Ball

The 69th Annual Spring Ball, arguably the most popular annual event among the MIDN, was held on March 30, 2012 at the Wisconsin Club.  As expected from the Wisconsin Club, the food was tremendous, the atmosphere quaint, and the company exemplary. After dinner, the guest of honor, retired Navy Commander Richard Goulet (’74), shared some inspiring words of wisdom and numerous stories from his wonderful experiences throughout his Naval Career. Following this, the seniors were introduced and briefly remembered for their more comical exploits in the unit by MIDN DeMatteo and MIDN Martin. Following many laughs at the expense of the seniors, the dancing started.
                It was great to have many of the senior’s family members in attendance to help celebrate their final ball as MIDN, and to fire the class of 2012 out into the Fleet with a bang. With everyone and their dates looking sharp, we were able to have another successful and memorable Spring Ball.

Spring Ball 2012

DC Trip

Spring break is usually a time for students to go home, sleep in, and have their moms do all their laundry. This year nine motivated Midshipmen and two staff members decided to break the mold and spend their spring break exploring the foundations of America in Washington D.C. and the world’s largest naval base in Norfolk, VA. Overall one of the best Spring Breaks you could plan for, especially for college program students who don’t get to see these things on Summer Cruise!  Again, a very special thank you to the Alumni Association for inviting us along!


Description: 120311-N-YM590-015

Senior Mess Night

Every Spring, seniors gather to honor Naval tradition, and to celebrate together prior to commissioning. This year the unit was fortunate enough to hold mess night at the caverns of the Miller Brewing company. Seniors and Staff get to partake in a VIP tour of the brewery as well as a catered dinner in the brewery caves. The unit would like to thank alumnus Mark Neuwirth for providing a great tour of the brewery facilities as well as arranging the logistics for what was a night for all to remember.

Senior Mess Night 2012

Basketball Success at ND

This past February, both the Marquette Men’s and Women’s NROTC Basketball teams traveled to South Bend, IN to participate in the 26th Annual Flyin’ Irish Basketball Tournament at Notre Dame. Both teams had high hopes going into the tournament and each team came out proud. The Men’s Team, led by 5 seniors, were able to go 2-1 in their Pool and squeaked through into the tournament brackets with a higher point differential. Unfortunately, the Men’s Team lost in the first round as the Iowa State Cyclones shot near 100% from behind the arc, handing the Marquette Warriors the loss. The women’s team came off of a disheartening loss in the championship game the year before, and had a score to settle. The women’s team went undefeated in their bracket defeating their opponents by an average of 15 points. With such a dominating performance, the women’s team was seeded first in the tournament. In their first playoff game, the women Warriors handed the Buckeyes of Ohio State their first loss 30-17. In the Championship game, the Women’s team lead would face the host Notre Dame Air Force. The game was close until the last 5 minutes when the Warriors sheer talent was too much for the Lady Irish’ of Notre Dame. When the clock hit 0:00, a Championship trophy was finally on its way back to Milwaukee. Both team’s put forth a tremendous effort over the weekend and would like to thank the Sea Power Library Association for their help in defraying the entry fee and lodging costs.


Marquette Warriors at Notre Dame

Winning the bracket!

Senior basketball players

Marquette ROTC at Notre Dame

USS Scholarship Sets Sail:
Record Number of Naval ROTC Students Earn Academic Trident Honors

The core mission of the Naval ROTC at Marquette is "to develop Midshipmen morally, mentally, and physically." As such, the organization emphasizes the intellectual development and academic performance of its members. So far in the 2011-2012 academic year, the results of this emphasis have been outstanding. During the Fall 2011 semester, a record number of Midshipmen earned a GPA of 3.40 or higher, thus earning a spot in the command's Trident Honors Society. Of the 91 students in the Midshipmen Battalion, 33 achieved such distinction by virtue of their exceptional scholastic performance. This figure represents nearly a 50% increase over recent semesters. The Commanding Officer, Captain Joseph Bauknecht, presented an award certificate to each student during an awards ceremony during the first week of the Spring 2012 semester. Photos from this ceremony accompanied letters of recognition delivered to the parents of these Midshipmen. "I am proud of these students for their hard work in the classroom here at Marquette," said Captain Bauknecht. "Their education is a great resource that will serve them well as future Officers in the Navy and Marine Corps, and their commitment to excellence is extraordinary." Additionally, Captain Bauknecht recognized Midshipmen who have earned Trident Honors every semester in their respective careers, including three Seniors who never had a single semester with less than a 3.40 GPA.

Marquette Naval ROTC Midshipmen Attend Leadership Conferences

U. S. Naval Academy Leadership Conference, 29 January – 01 February, 2012
Three Midshipmen from Marquette’s Naval ROTC traveled to Annapolis, MD, for the 88th United States Naval Academy Leadership Conference, dedicated to the late RADM Rindskopf. The conference consisted of a number of distinguished speakers, including General James T. Mattis, Commander, United States Central Command (Middle East); Guy Kawasaki, long-time employee under Apple CEO Steve Jobs; and Robert Putnam, CEO of Southwest Airlines. The theme of “Visionary Leadership: Navigating through Uncharted Waters” provided the context for every presentation and discussion throughout the three-day conference. Following each keynote speaker, a panel discussion further expanded on the ideas of what visionary leadership entails. A few notable panelists included Coach Herman Boone, whose leadership inspired the film Remember the Titans, Mr. Charles T. Brubage, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company and general manager of the F-35 Lightning II Program Integration, and Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, who served as the President’s Special Envoy to Northern Ireland in February 2007. Overall, the leadership conference provided a great forum to share new ideas of what it means to be a visionary leader as well as providing a rare opportunity to meet Midshipmen and Cadets from all over the country. It was an extremely rewarding experience that should continue to be offered for the personal development of future Midshipmen at Marquette Naval ROTC.

Notre Dame Naval Leadership Weekend, 23-26 February, 2012
Four midshipmen from Marquette were selected to attend the sixteenth annual Leadership Conference at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. The three-day event included several guest speakers, a discussion panel, ethical decision games, and dinner in the football stadium press box with the keynote speaker. The theme of the conference was “Naval Careers: The Door to the Future.” This year, the guest speakers included Sean Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy; Commissioner William Ostendorff, Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Major General Jerome Cooper, USMC (Ret.); Colonel A. E. Renforth, Commanding Officer of the 7th Marine Regiment; Captain Steve Malloy, USN (Ret.); and Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Panos, USN. The keynote speaker was Admiral John C. Harvey, Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command. The midshipman also had a chance to explore the Notre Dame campus and interact with other attendees from 29 universities across the country.

Air Force Academy Character and Leadership Symposium, 23-26 February, 2012
On 23FEB12, two Marquette Naval ROTC Midshipmen attended the annual Air Force Academy National Character and Leadership Symposium. The theme was “Walk the Walk: Leaders in Ethical Action.” The focus of the conference was on the role of ethics in effective leadership and the importance of leaders setting a strong ethical example. Key speakers included, among others, Air Force Academy Superintendent LtGen. Michael Gould, USAF; Lt. Governor of Colorado Joe Garcia; Medal of Honor recipient SFC Leroy Petry; former Enron employee Sherron Watkins; outdoorsman and speaker Aron Raltson; and businessman Ross Perot. Student discussion groups talked about ethics, leadership, and the role of organizations in promoting both good leadership and positive ethics. The wide variety of civilian and military views represented at the symposium ensured everyone present took away many valuable lessons on leadership and everyday life. The conference also allowed cadets and midshipman from various service academies and ROTC units to discuss views on leadership and learn from each other.

24 October 2011 - Madison Drill Invitational

On 08OCT2011, the Marquette drill team and endurance teams traveled to Madison, WI to compete in the annual Fall Invitational hosted by the University of Wisconsin.  A total of 58 MIDN comprised our two platoons, squad, colorguard, and three endurance teams.  All MIDN had spent the entire first month of the school semester preparing for this competition, which was scheduled for an earlier date than previous years.  The 1st platoon, led by MIDN Beduhn, and 2nd platoon, led by MIDN Cetta, came in fifth and sixth place, respectively, out of seven competing schools.  MIDN Laylan led the squad which had earned fourth place.  The colorguard secured fifth place, commanded by MIDN Alberico, and finally our top endurance team came in fifth.  Although no trophies accompanied the MIDN on their return trip to Marquette, there is no doubt that their efforts and hard work were for nothing. They had performed valiantly  and demonstrated 100% dedication. Photos for the event can be found on the current activities tab.

22 September 2011 - Al's Run

On Saturday, September 17th, Marquette’s NROTC Unit participated in the 34th Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s hospital. A combination of midshipmen and unit staff totaling over 40 individuals conquered the race, running together as a battalion. Conditions were perfect as it was cool yet sunny; it was a fine day for double-timing, singing cadence, and positively displaying our pride to the rest of Milwaukee. The money raised goes toward a good cause. With roughly 16,000 participants, Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk raised over $1 million for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. In its 33-year existence, the Run & Walk has raised over $12 million; a considerable amount that perhaps Al McGuire himself (founder of the event) could not have imagined. Photos for the event can be found on the current activities tab.

13 September 2011 - SECNAV visits Milwaukee

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus threw a ceremonial first pitch in the Milwaukee Brewers game Sept. 13 at Miller Park.

Prior to taking the field, SECNAV met with the team and congratulated them on being No. 1 in the National League. Additionally, Mabus introduced the crowd to the city's namesake USS Milwaukee (LCS 5), a graphic of which was displayed on the park's Jumbotron for all to see.

Attending the game was one of several activities Secretary Mabus participated in throughout the city to celebrate the naming of USS Milwaukee. Earlier in the day, SECNAV, along with the mayor of Milwaukee, hosted an event at Discovery World for Navy supporters, uniformed service members and local officials.

"I am joining the mayor in celebrating your fine city's ship, USS Milwaukee," said Mabus.

Throughout the day's events, Mabus discussed the important relationship between the city and its namesake ship as well as how the LCS program benefits the Navy and the nation as a whole.

USS Milwaukee is part of a dual block buy of LCS class ships announced by Mabus in December 2010. Its fast and agile performance allows it to defeat growing littoral threats and provide access to and presence in the world's coastal water regions. LSC provides the required warfighting capabilities and operational flexibility to execute focused missions close to the shore such as mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare.

(Article written by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Sam Shavers, Secretary of the Navy Public Affairs)

12 September 2011 - 10 year anniversary of 9/11

On September 9th the Midshipman Battalion hosted a ceremony to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11 together with Marquette's Army and Air Force ROTC detachments.  The event took place in front of the Marquette Libraries where, during the ceremony,  the flag was lowered to half-mast.  Guest speaker Chief Ricker from Marquette's Department of Public Safety spoke about the importance of the military and supporting individuals who serve both at home and abroad. Pictures of the event can be found here.

8 September 2011 - NSTC Visit

Marquette University NROTC recently had the privilege of welcoming the commander of Naval Service Training Command, RADM David F. Steindl. RADM Steindl is responsible for the operation of the NROTC program along with multiple other programs.

A native of Stillwater, Okla., Rear Admiral Steindl graduated with distinction from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics

Rear Admiral Steindl's assignments at sea include Damage Control Assistant and Main Propulsion Assistant in USS CROMMELIN (FFG 37), Propulsion Plant Examiner for the Pacific Fleet Propulsion Examining Board, Engineer Officer in USS COWPENS (CG 63), Executive Officer in USS ROSS (DDG 71), Commanding Officer in USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG 53), and Commander, Destroyer Squadron 7. During his Commander command tour, JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG 53) was awarded the 2001 Spokane Trophy and the 2001/2002 USS ARIZONA Memorial Trophy. He served as Sea Combat Commander during Ronald Reagan Strike Group's maiden deployment to the Arabian Gulf. He has completed one Mediterranean and six Western Pacific/Arabian Gulf deployments, including Tomahawk Land Attack Missile strikes in support of Operations Southern Watch, Allied Force/Noble Anvil, and Enduring Freedom.

Ashore, Rear Admiral Steindl served as Flag Aide to the Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet, Assistant Captain Detailer in the Surface Officer Distribution Division, Special Actions Division Chief in the Operations Directorate of the Joint Staff, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installations and Environment), and Director of the Surface Officer Distribution Division (PERS 41). Rear Admiral Steindl holds a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College where he graduated with highest distinction.

RADM Steindl spoke to the battalion regarding a variety of issues concerning the Navy as well as the NROTC program, offering his personal insight gained from his distinguished 27 year career. Pictures from his visit can be found in the Drill and social hour photo collection, located here.

1 September 2011 - Freshman Orientation

Marquette University NROTC recently conducted its annual freshman orientation, welcoming 31 new freshman to the unit. During the 6 day orientation, which was held from 19 to 24 August, the new freshman were exposed to the lifestyle midshipmen in the naval service by participating in drill and physical training, as well as receiving classroom instruction. Following orientation, a graduation ceremony was held. Pictures of the event can be found here.

24 May 2011 - MU Alum coordinates running of Boston Marathon while on IA in Afghanistan

LT Kris Pomplun, a 2004 MU NROTC grad and Surface Warfare Officer, recently coordinated a running of the Boston Marathon while on an IA in Afghanistan. His coordination with multiple entities, including the Boston Athletic Association, allowed for 363 individuals stationed at Bagram AFB to participate in the annual event held on Patriots Day each year on the other side of the globe. The official press release, written by Army Capt. Jason Beck of the 210th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment can be read here. Below are a couple photos of the event, including LT Pomplun himself.

7 April 2011 - Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Visit

On Tuesday, April 5th, Marquette University was privileged to have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visit Marquette University. There were two major events that morning. First, Admiral Mullen had breakfast with cadets and midshipmen of all three ROTC detachments, which included a private question and answer session. He then engaged the Marquette community as a whole by having a "Conversation With America", which is a program that he has also engaged in with visits to other universities nationwide over the last year. A transcript of the conversation can be found on the Chairman's official website. Photos from the event can be found here.


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