NROTC Program Curriculum Requirements

Attached is a listing of classes required for midshipmen to successfully complete the NROTC program. This allows the individual to graduate with a minor in naval science. Pay close attention as the requirements differ for different options (i.e. Navy, Marine, Nurse)

Naval Science minor course progression

Click on the link below to access the current undergraduate bulletin to view course descriptions. NROTC is listed as the Naval Science Department (NASC) under the college of Arts & Sciences.

Current Undergraduate Bulletin


4 year plan template (Marquette and UWM)

4 year plan template (MSOE)

Academic Goals Sheet

Voluntary Waiver for Release of Student Information

Command Mandatory Study/Mandatory Tutoring Policy

Attached is the command's official mandatory study and mandatory tutoring policy. Any questions regarding the policy should be addressed to your class advisor or the academic program manager, LT Kagehiro.

Mandatory Study/Tutoring Policy

Summer Cruise Questionnaires

If you are a midshipman on scholarship and are currently not a 1/C, fill out one of the forms below and return to LT Kagehiro NLT COB 21 February. Ensure you are filling out the correct form, e.g. if you are a 3/C right now you will going on 2/C cruise.

Summer Cruise Information

With summer cruise quickly approaching, all current MIDN are strongly encouraged to read the following information.

Key summer cruise 2016 dates

Summer Cruise End of Cruise Survey

Once you have completed your summer cruise, a survey will automatically be sent to your school e-mail address. Completion of this survey is mandatory.



Privacy and Security Notice

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