Carmen High School of Science and Technology- Spanish Translation

Address: 1712 South 32nd Street


By Bus: Take the #30 bus west to 35th Street, and transfer to the #35 bus heading south. Get off on 35th Street and Mitchell, and walk east to 32nd Street.

By Car: Drive west on Wisconsin Ave. and turn left onto 27th Street (which becomes Layton Blvd.). Turn right at Mitchell Street, then left onto 32nd Street.

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 30 minutes
Approximate Travel Time By Car: 11 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Fridays, 10:00am – 12:00pm

Description of Agency: Carmen High School is a charter high school and college preparatory school offering a focus on science and technology with a heavy liberal arts curriculum. Many of Carmen's parents speak only Spanish and most teachers speak only English. As a result, Carmen staff is frequently in need of translators for written documents and oral communication.

Carmen’s mission is to graduate critical thinkers and self-directed learners prepared for success in college, meaningful careers, community involvement, and family life. Carmen High School envisions students achieving proficiencyin scientific inquiry,creative discovery, and constructive problem-solving; professional-level skills in the uses of 21st century technology; and admission to colleges that will enable them to become civic leaders, authors, artists, scientists, teachers, doctors, or successful in any other family- and community- sustaining career.

Student Role in Agency: Student will assist teachers and staff members with translating documents from English to Spanish, making phone calls to parents on behalf of teachers who only speak English, and working with high school students in Spanish class.

Commitment/Requirements: Orientation, plus two hours each week. Student must fill out Carmen High School’s background check prior to beginning his/her service learning.

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