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Student Coordinator


Social Welfare and Justice



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Spooner, WI

How long I have been with Service Learning

One Semester

Why I like working at Service Learning

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with so many great organizations in the Milwaukee area that are working toward social justice and change. I love witnessing students gain a better understanding of the issues that face this city and learn how they can be a part of the solutions. As a Student Coordinator, I get to use my own passion for social justice while helping others to discover and live out theirs as well.

What I hope my fellow students will get out of their Service Learning experience

I hope that Service Learning will open students' eyes to the greater issues that face the city of Milwaukee outside of Marquette. I want all Service Learning students to find a connection between the major they are working towards and the social justice issues facing the community they live in. Through this experience, I hope that students will be able to see how they can serve their neighbors through whichever career they choose.



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