Problem Solver Seed Grants


Problem Solver Seed Grant - $500 Mini-Grant Application
Making Education Stronger in Milwaukee

In order to promote the use of service learning and undergraduate community-based research as high impact pedagogy, the Center for Teaching and Learning will support community partner and faculty collaboration(s) through the funding of three $500 mini seed grants. Grants will be awarded to faculty and community partner teams working to address educational inequality in Milwaukee. Projects should equally benefit both the University and the community agency or school

Projects could examine topics including, but not limited to: school policy/school reform, school funding, early childhood education, childhood literacy, character education, anti-bully/violence prevention, impact of poverty, homeless students, adult education and literacy, high-risk students, special education, college readiness and college access, after school programming, mental health issues, tutoring/mentoring, billingual education, immigrant and refugee students, school nutrition, obesity, culturally responsive schooling, employment training, job readiness.

Funds could be used to cover the cost of transportation, materials and supplies, communication costs, refreshments, data analysis software, incentives, rental fees, conference fees, speakers, etc.



Mini-Grant Proposal
Please send completed mini-grant applications to
Faculty Name:
Faculty Department:
Community Organization:
Main Contact Name:
Briefly describe the organization’s mission:
Proposed Project Title:
Proposed Project Date or Timeline:
Proposed Project Location:
1.) Provide a summary of the project, including the overall objective, how the project will be executed, who will benefit from it, and project goals:

2.) How will the $500 be used to support this project?

3.) How will this project benefit the community organization, community residents, or education in Milwaukee in general?

4.) How will this project benefit teaching, learning and/or scholarship at Marquette?

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