Since the Service Learning Program began at Marquette University in 1994, about 250 faculty from all colleges have incorporated service learning into more than 240 courses. This section of our Web site is dedicated to assisting veteran service learning faculty as well as those who are new to this pedagogy.  As you browse these pages, if you have questions, please contact our director, Kim Jensen Bohat at or (414) 288-0250.

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Service Learning Faculty and Courses for Fall 2014

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Professor Course # Section # Course Title
Adya, Monica INTE 4158 101 Systems Analysis and Design
Afinaguenova, Eugenia SPAN 3005 101, 102 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Bekhet, Abir HEAL 1025 102 Culture and Health
Belknap, Ruth HEAL 1025 101, 103 Culture and Health
Birren, Jill EDUC 4017/4317 101/701 Teaching Middle/Secondary Science
Bohat, Kim Jensen SOWJ 1001 101 Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice
Bril, Cathy PHAS 7117 101 Cultural Diversity in Health Care
Cainkar, Louise SOWJ 1001 102 Introduction to Social Welfare and Justice
Cover, Michael THEO    
Crampton, Alex SOWJ 2200 101 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Diakite, Boubakary FREN 4931 101 Topics in French Language, Culture, and Literature
Duffy, Michael THEO 2500 101, 102 Theology of Nonviolence
Efford, Alison HIST 4120 101 American Immigration
Farkas, Mary Ann CRLS 4130 101 Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Flaherty, James PHIL 2310 128, 129 Philosophy of Ethics
Geigler, Dan FINA 4931 701 Institutional Investment Counseling
Gonzalez-Perez, Armando SPAN 3710 101, 701 Advanced Spanish for the Health Professions
Greene, Robert SOCI 3300 101 Sociology of the Life Course
Hagins, Rusty NASC 2185 101 Leadership and Management
Jones, Kelli NURS 4501 101, 102,103, 104 Nursing of Communities Practicum

Kintner, Judy

HEAL 1400 101 Veteran Health and Culture

Knox, Joshua,

PHAS 7115 102 Clinical Decision Making I

Kohls, Heather

BUAD 2040 101,102 Applied Global Business Learning
Lorentz, Rebecca EDUC 1210 101, 102 Schooling in a Diverse Environment
Maranto, Cheryl MANA 3035 101 Diversity in Organizations
Medeiros, Michelle SPAN 3710 702 Spanish for the Health Professions
Meyler, Jason      
Miller, Larry EDUC 1210 103, 104 Introduction to Schooling in a Diverse Society
Moyle, Maura SPPA 6961 701 Language and Literacy
Nielson, Kristy PSYC 3320 101 Cognition
Ow, Terence INTE 3001   Introduction to Information Technology
Paquette, Heidi HEAL 1200 701 Women's Health
Schlappi, Michael BIO 4287 701 Plant Biology
Siderits, Mary Anne PSYC 3550 101 Psychology of Religion
Siderits, Mary Anne PSYC 3560 101 Psychology of Gender Roles
Silver-Thorn, Barbara BIEN 4630 101 Rehabilitation Engineering
Sobush, Dennis PHTH 7512 101 Culture and Disability
Tate, Kevin COUN 6051 702 Research Methods in Counseling
Turner, Lynn CMST 4130 701 Urban Family Communication
Weinberger, Kelsey PSYC 3101 102 Developmental Psychology: Conception-Adolescence
Woda, Aimee HEAL 1025 104, 105 Culture and Health


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