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EDUC 1220: Psychology of Human Development in Children and Adolescents in a Diverse Society


Wisconsin Conservatory of Life Long Learning

Address: 1017 N. 12th Street

Phone Number: 304-6800

Description of the Agency:  Wisconsin Conservatory of Life Long Learning is a K-12 year round MPS School. The mission of WCLL is to develop children, who are diverse in cultural and ethnic backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles, into caring individuals and responsible citizens. WCLL provides quality education through a cooperative relationship of home, school and community. It is their goal to empower students to meet the global challenges of today and realize the dreams of tomorrow. WCCL is conveniently located just north of Aurora Sinai Hospital on 12th Street and is an easy walk from Marquette’s campus.

Students should note that WCLL does not have school on Monday, Feb. 18th or Monday Feb 25th. They are also on break from March 22nd- April 15th and will not be in session. Students should plan ahead to get enough hours.

Commitment: The goal for Service Learning students is to gain as much exposure to students from different developmental levels. The expectation is that each student complete 15 hours of service and observation at the school. If you need additional hours or exposure to other developmental ages, please sign-up for other events or classroom observations by looking in the binder of opportunities for Marquette students which is located on the counter in the school’s main office.

Service Learning Options for EDUC 1220:

Option 1:  Social Skills Lessons in Classrooms

Contact person: Kristen Annen, school social worker and Aimee Harris, school counselor

Contact information: Kristen- or Aimee-

Days/Times of Service: TBD

Students interested in this option will work in pairs and partner with a teacher. First the students will identify 2 classes at 2 different developmental levels.  One class should be at the lower grades and one at the upper grades. Three hours should be spent in each classroom observing the children and observing developmental differences. Students will then develop a social skills lesson that can be delivered to a 4th through 8th grade. Potential topics include: positive communication, healthy relationships, anger management or conflict resolution, manners or etiquette, character education, social media, i.e. cyber bullying, appropriate use of Facebook, etc.   Students should be mindful that these presentations are for urban youth, and plan their presentation with a great deal of cultural responsiveness. Classroom teachers will remain in the room during the presentations. Students could refer to 2nd Step or Violence Prevention curriculum for lesson ideas.

MU students should:

Option 2: Lunchroom and Play Ground Facilitation

Contact Person: Pam Kovatovich and/or Tracy Murphy, paraprofessionals

Contact Information: TBD

Days/Times of Service:  Monday- Friday, 10:30-12pm shift OR 12-1:30pm shift

WCLL needs students to help during the lunch hour, both in the lunchroom and out on the playground. In order to have exposure to different developmental levels, the Marquette students should rotate among the different groups of younger students. MU students should perform both lunch and recess duty.  In the lunchroom, Marquette students should help the students work on their manners, assist with opening lunches for younger students, and modeling positive conversations. At recess, Marquette students will work to organize group games and sports. For example, students might organize a jump rope contest, kickball games, or lead ropes and challenges type games. The goal is to encourage a conflict free climate on campus, where the students have the opportunity to channel their energy, enjoy physical exercise to increase fitness, and to have a bully-free inclusive atmosphere. Marquette students should help the WCLL students mediate various conflicts, and ensure safety for the students. Teachers and Paraprofessionals will also be on lunch duty.  In case of indoor recess, students will assist in the auditorium.

Marquette students are responsible for going once a week for the duration of the semester, beginning the week of January 28th. Once committed to a day, they should follow through with that day the entire semester to ensure lunchtime coverage at the school.

MU students should:

Option 3:  After School Program

Contact Person: TBA

Contact Information: TBA

Days/Times of Service: All programs are on Mondays or Wednesdays. Times TBA.

WCCL has an extensive after school program and students sign-up to participate in the various activities. Marquette students will assist with the various afterschool programs and work directly with the teacher in charge of each program. Some of the afterschool offerings include: Spanish club, Spanish tutoring, music enrichment, science tutoring, Asian club, math tutoring, e2012, forensics, general tutoring and afterschool help, entertainment enrichment club, reading and math online practice, Lead to Succeed, Spoken Word, and Sexual Education and Responsibility. Marquette students will be responsible for planning at least one afterschool activity- so for example, for math club, the MU student should plan or facilitate a mini lesson for the group.  

Marquette students are responsible for going once a week for the duration of the semester beginning the week of January 28th.

MU students should:

Service Learning Contact Information: Carrie Hanson is the Student Coordinator from the Service Learning Office responsible for the partnership with Wisconsin Conservatory of Life Long Learning. Her phone number is 288-3262 or

Ms. Rae Ellen Sena is the principal at WCLL. Her email is



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