Below you will find a list of all professors who are integrating service learning in their courses for the Spring 2018 semester.

Be sure to check back often prior to Sign-Up Night because Placement Descriptions are updated as information is received from the agencies.

For further specifics about Service Learning, refer to the powerpoint that was presented in your class.

Summer 2018

Tabitha Eden

Judith Maloney

Ruth McShane

Laurel Marek

Janine Eagon

Spring 2018

Adya, Monica

Bekhet, Abir

Boaz, Lesley

Buchanan, James

Byonanebye, Joseph

Carlson, Mary/ Kruger, Wendy/ Van Hecke, Mary

Carpenter, Marissa

Cigelske, Timothy

Connolly, Robert

Evans, Karen

Faytol, Ashley

Geigler, Daniel

Gering, Kurt

Gettrust, Lynn

Godbee, Beth

Haglund, Kristin

Jones, Kelli

Kaugars, Astrida

Keller, Abiola

Kelly, Conor

Klockcow, Laurieann

Krco, Christopher

LaBelle, Jeff

Makkyh, Khadijah/Maloney, Judy/Jensen Bohat, Kim

Maranto, Cheryl

Mederios, Michelle

Montiel, Jorge

Moyle, Maura

Paquette, Heidi

Sebern, Margaret

Snowden, Aleksandra

Thelen, Ben

Thiede, John

Volz-Daniels, Wendy

Waters, Eric




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