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La Causa Family Center Crisis Nursery

Address: 522 W. Walker St

Transportation: By Bus: #30 east to 6th and Wisconsin. Take #80 south to 6th and Walker (one block south of National).
* New location right next door to previous location on the corner of 6th and Walker St.

Approximate Travel Time By Bus: 15 minutes

Approximate Travel Time By Car: 10 minutes

Orientation: TBD. Expect orientation to last about a half hour. You will receive a state specific background check at sign-up night. You must fill out this form, have it notarized, and bring it with you to your scheduled orientation.

Days/Hours of Operation: Peak hours are Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Service Learners are especially needed Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Description of Agency/Activities: The Family Center is crisis-oriented, serving families and children of diverse ethnicity from Milwaukee County with a crisis nursery, respite services and parent support services.

The Family Center provides a safe and nurturing place for children at times when their parents are in crisis or in need of respite. The Center has a home-like atmosphere and provides care for children aged birth to 12 years. Many of the children have special needs. La Causa is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Student Role in Agency: The student role is centered on childcare, with opportunities for learning in assisting with phone information, intakes, and referral services upon request.



Contact Us

Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
707 N. 11th St. Room 303
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881

Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
Fax Number: (414) 288-3259

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