Job Summary:

Provides a link between community placement sites and Service Learning students; serves as a liaison with Service Learning professors and their classes; enrolls students in community placements; maintains contact with agencies; provides information to and receives feedback from Service Learners, agencies, and faculty; and collaborates with other student coordinators on team and all-staff projects.

Students Placement/Monitoring Duties:

  1. Assists the administrative staff in preparing for student orientation, evaluation, and reflection sessions.
  2. Attends and conducts appropriate student orientations and reflections.
  3. Assists students in selecting community placements.
  4. Contacts Service Learners before service begins; provides all new and updated information about the placement site, nature of service, calendar of service, and application and orientation procedures.
  5. Maintains accurate service records for Service Learning students.
  6. Conducts feedback and discussion sessions with Service Learners, as needed.

Site Responsibilities:

  1. Familiarizes self with site prior to Student Sign-Up by phoning sites, conducting introductory meetings and establishing a personal relationship with site contact person.
  2. Maintains communication with each assigned placement by making site visit(s) during the semester. The first visit should be with the Service Learners at their orientation.
  3. Maintains consistent contact with site coordinates via site visits, phone calls, and mailings throughout the semester.
  4. Gives prompt feedback to Staff Manager/Directors after site visits, reporting successes and problems with the relationship, the service there, students, etc.

Faculty Responsibilities:

  1. Acts as a liaison to the faculty. Collects paper work, and aids faculty members in record-keeping.
  2. Conducts in-class orientations to introduce the Service Learning option in participating courses.
  3. Receives feedback throughout the semester; visits faculty members to complete an evaluation of the program each semester.

Office Duties:

  1. Maintains regular office hours, including a weekly evening session.
  2. Attends scheduled all-staff meetings and individual meetings with Staff Manager.
  3. Reports number of work hours according to the university's payroll schedule.
  4. Submits all paperwork according to stated schedules.
  5. Provides feedback about Service Learning to administrative staff.
  6. Participates on Student Coordinator planning teams, which publish the Service Learning newsletters, plan the staff in-services, staff service trip, group-building activity, and maintains the bulletins boards. Performs other duties as assigned.

Supervised by:

Staff Managers and Program Administrators

For more information about the Service Learning Program at Marquette, please call Tyanna McLaurin, Assistant Director at (414) 288-0302.



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