Beyond Boundaries

Guided by our mission,
vision and values.

Grounded by our Guiding Values and inextricably tied to the university’s mission and vision, Beyond Boundaries sets in motion a clear strategy for Marquette’s future — where we want to be, how we will get there and what we can do to go further, to Be The Difference for our students.

The Strategic Plan

Big ideas and breakthroughs
don't happen by chance.

To be recognized among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic, Jesuit universities in the world, it takes a plan.

A plan that pushes Marquette University Beyond Boundaries.

Marquette’s strategic plan is an integrated, college-centric plan that is inextricably tied to the university’s mission, vision and Guiding Values. Built around six strategic goal themes, Beyond Boundaries sets the course for Marquette to be recognized among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic, Jesuit universities in the world.

The Campus Master Plan

A blueprint for change

A road map for capital projects over the next 15 to 20 years, the campus master plan will change the physical appearance of campus as well as how the university educates students, conducts research, fosters community, and promotes its mission and values. Clear hallmarks of the plan are its ambition and its link to the strategic plan.

The M12 Initiatives

Think differently. Act differently.

Our plans are ambitious — and they ought to be. We must not only keep pace with the changing landscape of higher education and the greater marketplace, we need to outpace it. To do so, Marquette must be adequately resourced — that’s why university leaders have identified a dozen strategic initiatives that will position Marquette with the resources necessary to successfully execute our strategic plan.

Dubbed the M12, these 12 initiatives are focused on undergraduate and graduate enrollment, first-year recruitment, a tuition discount plan, transfer students, international students, research, asset monetization, fundraising growth, residential optimization, online education, graduate education, and operational efficiencies.

Beyond Boundaries

About the plan

Through a visionary strategic plan that sets in motion a clear strategy for the future, an ambitious campus master plan that serves as a road map for capital projects, and a series of 12 initiatives designed to position the university with adequate resources, Marquette University is poised to go Beyond Boundaries.

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Beyond Belief?

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Beyond Expected

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