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For more than forty years, the Department of Theology has offered M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, and now also offers the Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine (M.A.C.D.), which can be taken on campus or 100% online.

Marquette has traditionally offered an integrated graduate education in theology, providing every student background and methodological training in biblical, historical, and systematics/ethics as well as an in-depth specialization in one of the three.

The M.A. and Ph.D. programs seek to develop scholars who can make significant contributions to theological research and writing, and college teachers who can teach a broad range of courses to undergraduate students.

Because of its classically structured education, Marquette has enjoyed great success in placing doctoral graduates in teaching positions in over 200 colleges and universities, in church work and ministry, and in a variety of other educationally related occupations.

The M.A.C.D. program focuses on an ecumenical appropriation and communication of Christian doctrine for theology teachers in Catholic high schools, for teachers in other religious education or formation programs, and for persons interested either simply in theological enrichment or in serving various other needs in their religious communities.

Why graduate studies in theology at Marquette?

Marquette’s program seeks to develop scholars who can
make significant contributions to theological research and
writing and can teach a broad range of courses. Learn more at

Contact our director

Rev. Joseph Mueller, S.J.
Rev. Joseph Mueller, S.J., Assistant Department Chair and Director of Graduate Students

Graduate Theology - A Video Reflection

Faculty and students offer insights into Graduate Theology at Marquette University. A Video Reflection

Dissertations Listing

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Apply to Our Program

For information on how apply to our program, or to find out about financial aid possibilities, visit Marquette University's online Graduate School Bulletin. If you go to the Graduate School website, you will find links to forms and an online application to the graduate program. Candidates from groups underrepresented in the study and profession of theology, especially women, are encouraged to apply. For the most detailed presentation of our graduate programs available, see our Policies and Procedures, Graduate Program Information, 2016-2017. PDF

The Department of Theology also has an MA-level degree offered in conjunction with the university's Trinity Fellows Program, a 21-month work/study graduate fellowship program. To be eligible, applicants need to have completed service in the Peace Corps, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Americorps or other comparable post-baccalaureate full-time volunteer service organization.

Financial Aid

New doctoral students who have checked the appropriate line on their application for requesting financial aid will receive five straight years of an annual stipend of $19,200 and three straight years of 18 credits of free tuition (enough to pay for all courses and dissertation credits). The continuation of one’s financial aid award from year to year is conditional on sufficient academic progress. In the first three years, doctoral students receiving this financial aid package will work as teaching assistants. In their fourth year they will work as teachers in a team offering several sections of undergraduate core theology courses. In their fifth year these same doctoral students will teach one section of an undergraduate core theology course per semester.

As many as four incoming M.A. students per year will receive two straight years of 15 credits of free tuition (enough to pay for all courses). The continuation of one’s financial aid award from year to year is conditional on sufficient academic progress.

Information on the financial aid for the M.A.C.D. program can be obtained by contacting Dr. Susan Wood, SCL (, who is in charge of this program.

Campus Visits

We urge you to consider visiting the University and our Department, explore Milwaukee, and arrange to meet with a faculty member in your area of interest, as you make the vital decisions regarding your graduate education.

Campus visits for all prospective graduate students are arranged during the fall and spring semesters through the Graduate School.
Request a campus visit.  If possible, it is good to avoid Fridays and weekends for such visits.

Forms and Documents

Click here to access a listing and links to forms that are used for our graduate programs.

Policies and Procedures

Click here to access information about policies and procedures and other information pertaining to our graduate programs.PDF

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Theology Department Mission Statement

Theology Department Mission Statement

Marquette University defines itself as Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, urban, and independent. The Department of Theology functions within the university to investigate and understand the Catholic tradition, its relation to other Christian communions, and to other religions of the world. Read more of our mission statement.