Forms and Documents


Students are advised to use CheckMarq for routine course registration. Please contact Dr. Kate Ward, Assistant Department Chair, for course registration permission numbers.

  • Registration Request Form
    Use this form to request permission to enroll in THEO 6999, THEO 8999, or any course for which CheckMarq requires a permission number. Note that this form cannot be used to register for continuous enrollment courses.
  • Graduate School Forms

Language Requirements

Please contact Dr. Sharon Pace, Language Liaison, with questions pertaining to language requirements.

Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine (M.A.C.D.) Program

Please contact Dr. Matthew Neujahr, M.A.C.D. Program Director, with questions pertaining to Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine program forms.

Master of Arts (M.A.) Program

See the Graduate School website for a complete listing of Master of Arts program forms and directions. Please contact Dr. Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent, Director of Graduate Studies, with questions pertaining to Master of Arts program forms.

Master's Program Planning Form

Comprehensive Oral Examination

Master's Essay/Thesis

Marquette History of Theology

The documents linked below include only the tables of contents of the corresponding volumes. Please contact Ms. Patricia Psuik, Assistant to the Chair, to request access to the full volumes via SharePoint.