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The best kind of support is the mutually beneficial kind, the complementary kind. The kind where I help you, you help me and everybody benefits. The kind of relationship built by Marquette and Northwestern Mutual and its foundation. The kind that deserves recognition.

Northwestern Mutual ranks as one of the top 50 donors to the university — committed community investors dedicated to advancing the education of Marquette students. Many of those supported by Northwestern Mutual are first-generation students who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to experience the university’s transformational Jesuit education.

Currently, approximately 400 Marquette alumni are employed by Northwestern Mutual, alumni that historically excel within the firm, including as former CEO and current general counsel, many other senior executives, members of the company’s Board of Trustees and many more.

Outside the office, Northwestern Mutual leaders take active roles with Marquette, including serving on the university’s Board of Trustees and several advisory councils and helping shape strategic start-up initiatives. One such initiative is the Applied Investment Management Program, designed to give the best and brightest finance undergraduates practical, hands-on skills that will help them excel in the field. The company and its foundation most recently invested in Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall, home of Marquette Law School; have long supported the university's Les Aspin Center for Government in Washington, D.C.; have contributed to the Institute for the Transformation of Learning directed by Dr. Howard Fuller; and have been longtime supporters of scholarship funds for first-generation students.

Internships, scholarships, mentoring programs … all manifestations of Northwestern Mutual’s deep-seated commitment to investing in the professional development of Marquette students. The net result? The community reaps the benefit of having well-prepared graduates who are able to make a difference and be the difference in the lives of others.

Mutually beneficial, indeed.