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Robert P. Fettig


Lake Geneva, Wis.

“Do it right the first time.” That’s the slogan of Tankcraft Corp., the metal fabrication business over which Bob Fettig presides as chief executive officer. It is also the principle that guides Bob’s work and what he tells College of Engineering students should guide theirs.

Serving on the College of Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board since 1996, Bob helps evaluate existing and proposed curriculum for the department; keep the department in tune with trends and needs in the industry; assess student performance; and facilitate interactions between industry and Marquette.

Bob has been extraordinarily generous with his expertise, time, facility and financial support of the college’s Senior Design Project — a yearlong course that gives seniors the opportunity to apply their engineering knowledge and develop career skills as they design prototypes for real-world challenges. He also has provided guidance and opportunities for students involved in the Marquette chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Society of Automotive Engineers. At Tankcraft and Plasticraft, the plastic roto and blow molder company Bob started in 1990, he has provided several Co-op opportunities for students and job opportunities for graduates. 

Outside Marquette, Bob has been active in many groups, including with his parish as a trustee, festival chairman and finance and school board member; with the Knights of Columbus and Rotary Club; and with several task groups involved in education and employment.

“All personal happiness, I believe, comes from giving, not receiving,” Bob says. “Whatever material rewards you may gain will be a result of that giving, and you need not worry about when or how they come.”

Fun facts about Bob:
Hometown: Milwaukee
Favorite book: Have You Ever Wondered Why? by Thomas Sowell
Someone alive or dead he’d like to have dinner with: Jesus Christ
The Marquette faculty member who had an impact on Bob: Assistant Dean of Engineering Dr. Ted Dziadulewicz
Favorite Marquette memory: "Fridays in the student union!"
In grade school, Bob wanted to be a leader to make the world better.
Most influential people in his life: His parents