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ARTS '99, PROF ST '09

Success for Ayiesha is being in service to others and loving what she does. She is motivated by her ”personal responsibility to make a positive impact on the community in which she lives.”

Throughout her career, extensive volunteer work, and current role as a performance review and evaluation manager at the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, Ayiesha has been a leader in her community and an agent for social change.

“I believe in strengthening businesses that ‘do good,’ ” Ayiesha says. “The work that I do, and have done, contributes to the strength and sustainability of these businesses, allowing them to best serve those in need.”

Starting in 2004, her service career expanded to leadership roles, starting with Ways to Work Inc., where she was associate director of programs and quality assurance. From 2007–12, she was service excellence director at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin. The more experience she gained, the more she wanted to help solve the issues she was witnessing in her community. So she returned to Marquette and earned a master’s degree in leadership studies.

“The academic and community service foundation I received at Marquette as an undergrad has influenced my choice to build my career with charitable and welfare organizations, and my graduate degree has helped me improve my impact on those organizations.”

Ayiesha is an integral member of the Milwaukee community, sharing her time and talents with the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, the Milwaukee Asset Building Coalition, English Language Partners (where she volunteers as an English tutor) and Mosaic Partnerships in Milwaukee. She also coaches a girls volleyball team.

Get to Know: Ayiesha Domino-Brown

Hometown: Chicago

Favorite book or quote: “Live, love, laugh, leave a legacy.” Stephen Covey

Someone past or present she’d like to have dinner with: Queen Elizabeth I

The Marquette faculty members who had an impact on Ayiesha: “There are so many. I cannot chose just one.”

Favorite Marquette memory: Meeting author and lecturer Dr. Bertice Berry

Most influential person in Ayiesha’s life: Her grandmother