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New Berlin, Wis.

In grade school, Frank wanted to be an Army priest (or so his family says). He never joined the Army or the priesthood, but his childhood dream was a little fortuitous.

For more than 30 years, Frank has been with Liturgical Publications Inc., where he works with clergy to help build vibrant congregations around the country. From marketing plans to strategic plans, Frank has done it all to help his customer base of 4,000 congregations and 100,000 businesses meet their communication needs. Why? His job is about helping his customers become integral members of their communities.

Frank was recently promoted to senior vice president of operational excellence. In this new role, as with everything he does, he is ready to “take action” to continually find new ways to exceed his customers’ expectations — something he learned about during his Theory of Ethics course at Marquette.

“The course gave me a good basis for living the Marquette mission,” he says. “Taking action, in the most excellent way, and for the right reasons — I try to become engaged in as much as possible and strive to do my best in everything.”

Frank also seeks out volunteer opportunities to pay it forward, including chairing his parish’s Human Concern Commission; helping initiate a monthly food collection for a local food pantry; helping with the meal program at Milwaukee’s St. Benedict the Moor; and mentoring incoming College of Professional Studies students.

Get to Know: Frank P. Horning

Hometown: New Berlin, Wis.

Favorite book or quote: “If you want peace, work for justice.” Pope John Paul VI

Someone past or present he’d like to have dinner with: former President Ronald Reagan (Not for his politics, but for his communication prowess.)

The Marquette faculty members who had an impact on Frank: Entire College of Professional studies support staff

Favorite Marquette memory: “The dedication and high expectations that the College of Professional Studies students brought to school.”

Most influential person in Frank’s life: His wife of 39 years, Linda