Campus in the fall

Jay Kutka
(414) 288-7481
University Budget Director
Straz Tower, Room M215L
Responsibilities: preparation of future fiscal years budgets and timelines, new and current program analysis, short and long term financial forecasting, capital budgeting

Ben J. Favero
(414) 288-0801
Associate Budget Director
Straz Tower, Room M215Q
Responsibilities: ad hoc reporting, new programs analysis, preparation of future fiscal years' budgets

Amy L. Ramminger
(414) 288-7785
Assistant Budget Director
Straz Tower, Room M215M
Responsibilities: budget system, temporary accounts, salary authorizations, maintenance of current fiscal year budget, capital budgeting

Michelle Evert Cook
(414) 288-7484
Senior Financial Analyst
Straz Tower, Room M215P



Marquette Library

Budget Office Mission Statement

The Budget Office mission is to aid Marquette University through service to faculty, staff, and students by being a leader in the education industry's financial management, by promoting faith, and developing staff. The Budget Office is responsible for the university's annual budgeting process, financial analysis, financial review of new programs and continual development of the budgeting process.