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Marquette University In the News is a weekly compilation of top media reports about Marquette University and members of the university community.

May 6, 2020 

Top News

Marquette experts provide commentary on coronavirus

Dr. John Baworowsky, vice president for enrollment management, discussed Marquette extending its tuition and housing deposit deadline by 30 days as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. "My theory is that students have basically decided that May 1 (the traditional deadline) isn’t something they are going to be following this year because they need a little more time to make up their minds about where they want to go to school," Baworowsky said. To help boost enrollment, Marquette is also conducting virtual tours on the university website and offering enrollment incentives for prospective students. 

Story aired on Wisconsin Public Radio, May 1, 2020 

Marquette was also mentioned in a May 4 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  coronavirus update for extending its May 1 deposit deadline.

Dr. Abdur Chowdhury, professor emeritus of economics in the College of Business Administration, discussed the complicated nature of reopening Wisconsin’s economy and how once Gov. Tony Evers’ “safer-at-home" order is lifted, small businesses must make big decisions about the readiness of suppliers and eagerness of customers. “It’s a very tricky thing that you have to decide. You have to walk a very fine line here,” Chowdhury said. “You want to reopen the economy but not in such a way that it increases the number of cases.” 

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 2, 2020 

Chowdhury also spoke with WDJT-TV (CBS 58) for a May 4 story about the struggles Wisconsin retailers are facing during the pandemic.

Dr. Felicia Miller, associate professor and chair of marketing in the College of Business Administration, commented on retail trends amid the pandemic and what the trends mean the future for shopping malls. "We're going to see a lot smaller footprint for a mall and a redefinition of what a mall is," Miller said. “They (shoppers) are going to be afraid to go out in environments where there are lots of people. They're going to be concerned about their health and well-being and the possibility this could come back.” 

Story aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), April 29, 2020

Miller also spoke with WISN-TV (ABC 12) for an April 30 story about the future of buffets, and Wisconsin Public Radio for an April 14 story about the ethics of shopping during the pandemic.

Dr. Richard Fehring, professor emeritus in the College of Nursing and director for the Institute of Natural Family Planning, discussed the Marquette Method of natural family planning in a story about how the pandemic has resulted in a shortage of Clearblue fertility tests — a staple of the Marquette Method. Fehring said he and research associates are currently conducting studies that would allow Marquette protocols to be followed with alternative, and much less expensive, technologies. 

Story appeared in The Week, April 29. 2020

Dr. Doug Fisher, associate professor emeritus of practice in the College of Business Administration, discussed the likelihood of meat shortages after some meat processing plants have closed amid COVID-19 outbreaks at their facilities. "I would not rush out and try to buy all you can. I don't think that's a wise move for anybody," Fisher said. "Some of these processing facilities will process a million chickens a day, a thousand hogs an hour. They're quite an impressive operation. So, if we suddenly stop that, there will be a big impact on the supply chain, probably in the area of one to three weeks.”

Story aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), May 1, 2020

Similar story aired on KSTP-TV (ABC 5, St. Paul, Minnesota), May 2, 2020

University action on coronavirus

College of Education providing tutoring for Metcalfe School
The College of Education is providing tutors to students of Ralph H. Metcalfe School to enhance their virtual learning experience after the pandemic forced the cancelation of in-person classes. The effort is part of Five Pillars Tutoring — a program created by MKE Fellows and the Milwaukee Chapter of the Links, Inc. Initial efforts will focus on the early start school, but additional schools could be added as the program grows. 

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Courier, May 2, 2020

Marquette in the news

University connecting with area’s growing Hispanic community 
Marquette was mentioned in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story as an institution working to boost Hispanic student representation, better serve the Hispanic community and create a more diverse student body overall. 

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 28, 2020 

Dr. Julia Azari, associate professor and assistant chair of political science in the Klingler College of Arts of Sciences, was cited in a Yahoo! Finance story for her role in an ad hoc committee that released a report about fair elections during crisis. The committee made 14 recommendations to ensure election legitimacy and voter confidence heading into the 2020 presidential election. 

Story appeared on Yahoo! Finance, April 28, 2020

Azari also wrote a May 4 FiveThirtyEight story about the impact Michigan State Rep. Justin Amish could have on the presidential election as the first notable third-party candidate. 

John Johnson, research fellow in the Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education, was cited for his analysis on increased home values in the Milwaukee area. His research shows that, while citywide property values have for the first time exceeded the combined valuations seen before 2008, the city still has some ground to make up before reaching its pre-recession peak. Total property values in 2008 stood at roughly $29.4 billion, but when adjusting to 2020 dollars, that value rises to $35.4 billion.

Story appeared Milwaukee BizTimes, April 29, 2020

Similar story appeared on Urban Milwaukee, May 1, 2020

St. Joan of Arc Chapel was mentioned in a story about the late Peter Beard — photographer, artist and champion of East African wildlife. Beard’s great aunt, Gertrude Hill Gavin, captivated by its uniqueness, had the 15th Century chapel imported from France to her home in Long Island. Gavin was so enamored with St. Joan of Arc she named the chapel after the Roman Catholic saint. The chapel was donated to Marquette in 1966.  

Story appeared in The Art Newspaper, May 1, 2020 

Dr. Peter Staudenmaier, associate professor of history in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, discussed the complicated ideological history of environmentalism. “One of the tropes suggests that if you want to reduce the human footprint on the planet — the carbon footprint — if you want to reduce that by 25 percent, well, all you have to do is reduce the human population by 25 percent,” Staudenmaier said. “It seems like that is a sensible claim, but when you think about it, you realize there are crucial errors there in the assumption that each human being has the same carbon footprint as any other person does, and that it flatly untrue.”

Story aired on WUWM-FM (89.7), May 4, 2020


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