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Volume 5

Against the Wind: African Americans & the Schools in Milwaukee, 1963–2002, by Bill Dahlk. ISBN 978-0-87462-078-8. 722 pp. including 19 illustrations. Casebound. $35

"The struggle to ensure that poor Black children are effectively educated has been and continues to be a major focus of many concerned people, Black and White in the City of Milwaukee. The struggles of today are linked to the historical battles that occurred decades ago. Bill Dahlk’s book chronicles some of those earlier efforts. This book is a must read for those who understand the importance of learning lessons from the past as we try to create a new educational reality for today’s children."

Dr. Howard Fuller
Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning
Marquette University

"Milwaukee is one the nation’s most fascinating case studies of the complicated politics of race, education, and economic decline in post-1960s urban America. Bill Dahlk’s meticulously researched study connects the dots and gives us a revealing and insightful look at the politics of educational reform in a racially divided, economically challenged metropolis."

Marc Levine
Professor of History, Economic Development, & Urban Studies
Director, Consortium for Economic Opportunity
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bill Dahlk has a BS in Political Science from UW–Madison and a MA in History from UW–Milwaukee. He taught three years in New York City and secondary social studies and reading for 27 years in the Milwaukee public schools. He has taught American history and African-American history for the last ten years at Cardinal Stritch University. He is married to Kathy Corlett Dahlk; he and Kathy have two children.


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