Ideas for the University. Proceedings of Marquette University’s Mission Seminar and Conference, Edited by Edwin Block. ISBN 0-87462-002-3. Paper. $25

Edwin Block. “Introduction.”
David Tracy. “Interpretation as Conversation: The Challenge to the Modern University.”
Joseph Appleyard, S.J. “The Experience of Reading: Interpretive Communities and Communities of Belief.”
Diane Long Hoeveler. “Politics in Paradise: Teaching Literature and Jesuit Values.”
Lance Grahn. Texts and Jesuit Values: “The Interpretive Strategy of Liberationist History.”
James Allbritton. “The ’Dirty Harry’ Syndrome.”
James Hennesey, S.J. “American Catholic History and Its Jesuit Universities.”
Glenn W. Olsen. “The University as Community: Community of What? “
Theodore Ziolkowski. “On the Polysyllabification of American Education.”
Charles M. Shelton, S.J. “The Young Adult Conscience: Pitfalls and Possibilities.”
Thomas Ewens. “Grammarye.”
M. H. Abrams. “Humanism and Inhumanism in Literary Studies.”


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