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68. Meaning and History in Systematic Theology: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Doran, SJ, Edited by John D. Dadosky. ISBN-13: 978-0-87462-745-9 & ISBN-10: 0-87462-745-1. Hardcover. 518 pp. $39. Bibliography. Index.

This Festschrift is written in honor of theologian and philosopher Robert Doran, one of the most creative and important Lonergan scholars working today. His magnum opus, Theology and the Dialectics of History (1990), integrated his reworking of depth psychology into a theory of history that serves as a foundation not only for systematic theology, but also for interdisciplinary collaboration. It relies on Lonergan’s seminal contribution to the reversal of the post-Enlightenment crisis of meaning, that is, his emphasis on the subject’s intelligent and responsible self-appropriation as the foundation of epistemology, metaphysics, and human collaboration. Doran’s achievement is a profound development of this work, and it provides fecund ground that enables Lonergan’s legacy to make itself felt across the humanities, the human sciences, and beyond.

The range of contributions contained in this volume points to the immense significance of Doran’s work, and they cover topics as varied as communication studies, critical-history, depth psychology, pastoral theology, philosophy, religious diversity, and systematic theology. These different concentrations ensure that this collection of essays is of use to readers who are curious about the relevance of Lonergan’s critical-realism to a breadth of scholarly disciplines. It is also of acute interest to established scholars who are well aware of the merits of Doran’s contributions to Lonergan Studies, and who wish to gain an understanding of the directions in which his work is being both employed and developed.


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