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68. Doing Better: The Next Revolution in Ethics, by Tad Dunne . ISBN 13: 978-0-87462-763-3 ISBN 10: 0-87462-766-4. Paper. 305 pp. $30. Bibliography. Index.

Doing Better draws on the generalized empirical method of Bernard Lonergan to predict the next revolution in ethics. You are invited to perform various exercises to discover for yourself what the basic norms for all moral judgments really are. Then, by setting these norms in the context of evolution, you will have a standpoint from which to deal with any ethical theory or moral position, past, present, or future. Also presented is a framework for collaboration and fruitful dialog. An appendix defines several dozen ethical categories rooted in your own discovery of these basic norms.





Tad Dunne is Professor of Humanities at Siena Heights University and editor of the Lonergan Studies Newsletter. His publications include Lonergan and Spirituality, “Bernard Lonergan,” (encyclopedia entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy), and “Group Level Ethics of Managed Care.” For other writings, search online for “Writings of Tad Dunne.” This site features “Doing Better: A Study Guide.”


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