Fahey, Michael, S.J. Orthodox and Catholic Sister Churches: East Is West and West Is East. ISBN 0-87462-576-9 (1996, Lecture 27). $15

“How will the Catholic churches remain faithful to their deepest religious heritage and at the same time enrich the church of Rome and other Western Christian communities? This will be done by their helping believers understand better Eastern church life. This will stress the importance of the local church where the faithful come together as church in one place. The bishop will be seen as acting to represent the local church and to govern more widely in synodal fashion. A typical Eastern perspective is that the eucharistic assembly under the presidency of the bishop is completely church in all its fullness, a complete church even if not the total church. The church that dwells in Milwaukee or Stamford has the same fullness as the church in Rome, Melbourne, or Buenos Aires. This implies the basic unity and equality of all local churches and of all bishops which does not mean uniformity, just as the unity of essence in the triune God does not exclude plurality among the unique persons.” — Michael Fahey, from the Conclusion


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