57. Spacetime and Theology in Dialogue, by Gideon Goosen. ISBN 13: 978-0-87462-734-3 & ISBN 10: 0-87462-734-6. Paper 181 pp. Bibliography. Index. $22

What has Einstein's theory of relativity got to do with theology? Is time real or merely an illusion? Have you ever experienced time standing still? Is travel into the future possible? How long is eternity? What does the bible have to say about spacetime? Spacetime and Theology in Dialogue explores the new way of seeing time and space (spacetime) and how that vision might raise questions for contemporary theology.

The author takes us on a journey through philosophy, psychology and anthropology before proposing process theology as a useful way to come to grips with this new concept: spacetime. He suggests a theology of spacetime would need to be trinitarian, incarnational, biblical, liturgical and sacramental as well as open to synchronicity and mystery.

Gideon C. GoosenGideon C. Goosen holds doctorates in philosophy and theology and is married with three children and lives in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia. Author of many articles and books, some of which have been translated into Italian and Chinese. Having taught theology for nearly thirty years at Australian Catholic University, he is currently Chair of the Theological Commission of the New South Wales Ecumenical Council.



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