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9. Existence, Thought, Style: Perspectives of a Primary Relation, portrayed through the work of Søren Kierkegaard, by G. Heath King. ISBN 0-87462-606-4. ©1996. Paperbound. Index. $20

“English publication edited by Dr. Timothy Kircher, ”Guilford College, of the 1986 work Existenz, Denken, Stil: Perspektiven einer Grundbeziehung. Dargestellt am Werk Sørens Kierkegaards (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter Verlag).

“I consider the work extraordinary, because it develops seriously the insight that since Kierkegaard we have come to realize how relevant the mode of existence of a philosopher is to his philosophizing. On the basis of this insight the author derives an understanding of style that has in view this very correspondence of thought and mode of existence. On account of the irreparable breach of the ideal identity between. thought and being, it is necessary to perceive existence, which is constantly present in language as a mediator, whenever it yields itself in temporal expression. This revelation occurs in the perception of style. In seems to me that the author’s thesis possesses great heuristic value.”— Bernhard Casper. Freiburg in Breisgau


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