58. Justice and Mercy Will Kiss: Paths to Peace in a World of Many Faiths, edited by Michael K. Duffey & Deborah S. Nash. ISBN 13: 978-0-87462-735-0 & ISBN 10: 0-87462-735-4. Paper, 330 pp. Bibliography. Index. $32

“When, in September, 2005, scholars and thinkers came together at Marquette University to discuss and engage in the arduous and urgently needed work of peacemaking, they were addressing what may prove to be the question of our time, namely, how the human race can turn away from violence and put an end to war once and for all. A representative selection of their work has now been consolidated into this volume.

Contributors would agree, the editors believe, that the best possible response to it would be to move the search for world peace forward with all possible intensity through further dialogue and enlightened action, i.e., by attempting to set in motion an ever-expanding synergy of the peacemaking efforts already underway. There cannot be more important work than searching for new faith-filled ways for us to strive for justice and peace in the world.

Everyday, all around us, we experience violence in many forms including wars, crime, hate-filled language, genocide and torture. The Manresa Project papers on justice and mercy provide valuable reflections, research and religious writings which encourage us to turn to other religions, cultures and disciplines for new perspectives and insight on these struggles. They are a source of inspiration and hope for the future.” — Justice Janine P. Geske, Distinguished Professor of Law, Director of the Marquette University Law School Restorative Justice Initiative



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