31. Dietrich of Freiberg.Treatise of the Intellect and the Intelligible. M. L. Führer, Tr. ISBN 0-87462-234-4 135 pp. (Translation No. 31) 1992 $15

“Dietrich of Freiberg was unquestionably one of the most important philosophers, theologians, and natural scientists of the Middle Ages . Dietrich’s Opera omnia have been available in a text-critical edition since 1985. Although interpretations of his work have been proliferating, translations thereof have not been so forthcoming. Hence, it is a particular benefit that Dietrich’s Tractatus de intellectu et intelligibili has been rendered into English as the first of his works to be translated for the English-speaking world. I am pleased to recommend this very instructive book not only to those readers who are not yet acquainted with medieval philosophy, but also to those who are not deterred from engaging difficult and fundamental philosophical problems.” — From the Preface of Burkhard Mojsisch. Bochum, Germany


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