40. A Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics (Index locupletissimus in Metaphysicam Aristotelis), by Francisco Suárez. Translated from the Latin with an Introduction and Notes by John P. Doyle. ISBN 0-87462-243-3. 430 pp. $45

Other Suárez Volumes in This Series
Francis Suárez, S.J. On the Various Kinds of Distinctions. Cyril Vollert, S.J., Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-204-2. (Translation No. 4). 72 pp. $10

Francis Suárez, S.J. On Formal and Universal Unity. James F. Ross, Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-215-8. (Translation. No. 15). 132 pp. $15

Francis Suárez, S.J. On Individuation. Jorge J.E. Gracia, Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-223-9. (Translation No. 23). 304 pp. $25

Francis Suárez, S.J. On the Essence of Finite Being as Such, on the Existence of That Essence and Their Distinction. Norman J. Wells, Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-224-7. (Translation No. 24). 248 pp. $20

Francis Suárez, S.J. On Beings of Reason. John P. Doyle, Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-236-0 170 pp. (Translation No. 33) $20

Francis Suárez, S.J. On the Formal Cause of Substance. John Kronen and Jeremiah Reedy, Tr.
ISBN 0-87462-239-5 217 pp. (Translation No. 36) $25

John P. DoyleJohn P. Doyle for the last 38 years has taught graduate courses in Latin Scholasticism at St. Louis University. In addition to the present volume, he has published five more volumes of translation (including three from Suárez) and has produced over 50 articles, essays, and encyclopedia entries, dealing with Suárez and other figures and themes in medieval and post-medieval philosophy.


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