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71. Recent Catholic Philosophy: The Twentieth Century, by Alan Vincelette. ISBN 978-0-87462-803-6. Paper. 447 pp. $42. Bibliography. Index

This work traces the thought of twenty-one key Catholic philosophers of the Twentieth-Century, and their contributions to the movements of Phenomenology, Neo-Thomism, Transcendental Thomism, Personalism, Existentialism, Analytical Philosophy, and Postmodernism, namely: Stein, Von Hildebrand, Dussel, Gilson, Maritain, Wojtya [Pope John Paul II], Rousselot, Rahner, Lonergan, Ebner, Mounier, Nédoncelle, Lavelle, Marcel, Zuburi, Anscombe, Taylor, Jacques, Marion, Lacoste, and Desmond. These and other Catholics have been at the forefront of philosophy in the Twentieth-Century, garnering acclaim in Catholic circles (Von Hildebrand, Gilson, Maritain, Rousselot, Lonergan, Mounier, Marcel, Marion), appreciation by their non-Catholic peers (Dussel, Rahner, Ebner, Anscombe, Taylor, Jacques), canonization (Stein) and the pontificate (Wojtya), a position in the French Ministry of Education (Lavelle), the honor of giving the Gifford Lectures (Gilson, Marcel, Taylor), membership into the British, Canadian, or French Academies (Gilson, Lonergan, Anscombe, Taylor, Marion), professorships at the Collège de France (Gilson, Lavelle), the Sorbonne (Gilson, Lavelle, Jacques, Marion), and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford (Anscombe, Taylor, Lacoste), and the bestowal of several major academic awards including the Aquinas Medal (Gilson, Maritain, Wojtya, Lonergan, Anscombe), the Erasmus Prize (Marcel), the Kyoto Prize (Taylor), and the 1.5 million dollar Templeton Prize (Taylor).


Alan Vincelette is assistant professor of philosophy at St. John’s Seminary, Archdiocese of Los Angeles. He has also authored the companion volume to this work, Recent Catholic Philosophy: The Nineteenth Century (Milwaukee: Marquette University Press, 2009), and additionally has translated the works of the twentieth-century Transcendental Thomist Pierre Rousselot for Marquette University Press.


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