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77. From Eastertide to Ecclesia : John Henry Newman, the Holy Spirit & the Church by Donald Graham. ISBN-13: 978-0-87462-795-4. ISBN-10: 0-87462-795-8. Paper. 232 pp. $25. Bibliography. Index.

From Eastertide to Ecclesia stresses that Newman sees the Lord and Giver of Life working in concert with, and working within, the God-man to originate, indwell, equip, send, and sustain, the Church in the Easter Mystery. All else in Newman’s idea of the Church leads to, and flows away from this Mystery. May those turning to Blessed Newman as a spiritual and theological mentor fully realize the nature of the Church – without ignoring the ongoing need for purification – and render to her the same faithful service for reasons “impressed on our hearts” and “stored in our understandings.”(From the author’s Introduction)

“The author of this study brings to bear on Newman’s corpus a careful historical analysis and a powerfully analytic theological mind. If anyone doubted Newman’s usefulness for Christian dogmatics this exquisitely written book will settle their difficulty. It culminates in a conclusion so subtle and elegant as to be worthy of Newman himself.” ~ Aidan Nichols OP

 “Donald Graham substantiates the claim made by many, but rarely demonstrated, that Newman anticipated concerns that preoccupy the Church today and supplied theological resources that allow us to address them in a fresh and intelligent manner. In this book, Graham establishes that Newman was a pioneering thinker who must be exempted from the charge that nearly all modern theology is characterized by ‘neglect’ or ‘forgetfulness’ of the Holy Spirit. Graham’s thoroughgoing and comprehensive exploration of Newman’s ecclesial pneumatology is much more than an account of Newman’s thought. It is an invitation to rethink, with Newman, the nature and mission of the sacramental community of the Church.” ~ Terrence Merrigan, Professor of Systematic Theology, Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Donald Graham PhD is Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at the Institute of Theology, St. Augustine’s Seminary, Toronto. He is Academic Advisor on the Postgraduate Research Program in Catholic Studies at Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, UK.



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