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83. John Wyclif’s Theology of the Eucharist in Its Medieval Context: Revised & Expanded Edition of Scriptural Ligic, Real Presence, & the Parameters of Orthodoxy, by Ian Christopher Levy. ISBN 978-1-62600-704-8. Paperback. 419 pages. 5.5 x 8.5. Bibliography. Index. LIST PRICE: $32.00

“[This] is the first complete study of Wyclif’s eucharistic theology and is an important addition to Wyclif scholarship. … Levy argues that Wyclif’s conception of the place of Scripture as an iteration of Christ, or Truth, demands that his theory of scriptural hermeneutics guide an understanding of eucharistic theology. … Levy’s unaffected prose and amiable approach contribute to his success, and his description of Wyclif’s vision of the ‘logic of Christ’ uniting Scripture and sacrament marks an important addition to the study of late-medieval theology.”—Speculum

“The volume has solidity and intellectual rigour—and a mass of footnotes, as Levy insists on backing up his statements with full quotations from the original sources. … Levy’s volume makes a real contribution to Wyclif scholarship; its background and contextual chapters also provide useful surveys which make the complexities of medieval philosophical and theological debate accessible and comprehensible.”—The Heythrop Journal

“Levy’s fascinating investigation is a masterful exploration not only of eucharistic theology as it unfolded prior to and during the fourteenth century but also of the changing ways of approaching and understanding the Scriptures. Wyclif emerges as a man committed to the Word and to the tradition but who chose to interpret the Scriptures in a way at variance with the larger ecclesial community.”—Catholic Books Review

“At each step Levy contextualizes helpfully in relation to the prevalent theological discussion and normative consensus. The result is a nuanced, yet more accurate reading of Wyclif on what are, after all, his central ideas.”—Church History

Ian Christopher Levy is Associate Professor of Theology at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. His work focuses on medieval biblical exegesis, ecclesiology, and sacramental theology. His most recent book is Holy Scripture and the Quest for Authority at the End of the Middle Ages (University of Notre Dame Press, 2012).


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