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87. The Word Does Everything. Key Concepts of Luther on Testament, Scripture, Vocation, Cross, and Worm. Also on Method and on Catholicism: Collection of Essays, By Kenneth Hagen. ISBN 9781626007123. 474 pages, 5.5 x 8.5. Printed case (Hardcover). List: $25.00

Before his untimely death in May of 2014, Dr. Kenneth Hagen expressed an interest that his next project consist of a collection of his past articles and essays.. He states: “For some time I have had a vision to put together a collection of my writings. One reason is that some of my writings appeared in confessional-Lutheran publications, not well known outside Lutheran-confessional circles,”  and another, more important reason he says is: “I’ve always wanted something for my students and colleagues.” Hagen began gathering the dispersed articles, often buried in journals that are difficult of access, and with the great help of Aldemar Hagen, his shorter writings are now available in one volume for the first time.

Also by and about Kenneth Hagen from Marquette University Press:

TheHagen Bible in the Churches: How Various Christians Interpret the Scriptures.Third Edition, 1998.

Ad fontes Lutheri: Toward the Recovery of the Real Luther: Essays in Honor of Kenneth Hagen’s Sixty-fifth Birthday, Edited by Timothy Maschke, Franz Posset, & Joan Skocir.

Kenneth Hagen was Professor Emeritus of Historical Theology at Marquette University and chief editor of Luther Digest, a publication of the Luther Academy. He was a longtime resident of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, with his wife Aldemar, who is responsible for editing this collection of his essays.





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