3. The Neo-Thomists, by Gerald A. McCool, S.J. ISBN 0-87462-601-1. ©1994. 3rd printing, revised & corrected, 2003. Paperbound, 175 pages. $20

“Neo-Thomists are writers who stand within a tradition of thinking traceable (for various reasons) to that of Aquinas. Historians of ideas will disagree about the extent to which individual Neo-Thomists accurately interpret him. And philosophers and theologians will differ in their judgments as to the worth of what they say. But nobody can deny that they have been a force to be reckoned with in Christian theological discussion, especially in Roman Catholic circles.

In what follows readers will find a clear and concise survey of their thinking written by an acknowledged expert on it. There have been many books and articles written on particular Neo-Thomists. At the date of publication, however, Professor McCool’s study is the only available English introduction to the full-range of Neo-Thomist writings. It should therefore prove of considerable value to students of nineteenth and twentieth century theology and philosophy.” — Brian Davies, O.P., from the Foreword.



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