25. The Doctrine of the Analogy of Being according to Thomas Aquinas, by Bernard Montagnes, OP. Translated by E. M. Macierowski. Translation reviewed & corrected by Pol Vandevelde. Edited with revisions by Andrew Tallon. ISBN 0-87462-624-2. 208 pp. $25.

From the Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Elements of the Thomist Doctrine of Analogy
I. The unity of order by reference to a primary instance
II. Participation
III. First definition of the analogy of being

Chapter 2. The Transcendental Analogy of Being
I. Parallelism of the texts and evolution of the doctrine
II. The different ways of conceiving transcendental analogy
III. Philosophical significance of the theory of the analogy of being under its definitive form

Chapter 3. From Saint Thomas to Cajetan
I. The position of Henry of Ghent and that of John Duns Scotus
II. The position of Cajetan
III. Cajetan in comparison with Scotus and Saint Thomas

Appendix I. The literary and doctrinal sources of the De principiis naturae

Dr. Edward M. MacierowskDr. Edward M. Macierowski studied at the Classical High School (Springfield, Massachusetts), St. John’s College (Annapolis, Maryland), the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and the University of Toronto (Canada), and the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy (Tehran). He and his wife Carol have adopted five children; he is currently teaching Greek, Latin, and Philosophy at Benedictine College (Atchison, Kansas).




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