Gerald O’Collins, S.J. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
ISBN 0-87462-548-3. (1993, Lecture 24). 50 pp. Cloth. $15

“I want to limit this evening’s lecture to four major questions. The discussion that follows can, of course, range more widely. As far as I am concerned, anything at all about the resurrection of Jesus can come in. For that matter, I am happy to respond to and learn from questions or observations about Jesus Christ that range even well beyond his resurrection from the dead. But for the lecture itself my four major questions are: What did the first Christians mean by their claim about Jesus’ resurrection? How did they come to know about and believe in him as risen from the dead? How did the resurrection of the crucified Jesus bring the definitive revelation of the tripersonal God? In what way can we legitimate Easter faith today?” — Gerald O’Collins, from the opening pages.


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