60. Abstracts of Karl Rahner’s Unserialized Essays, by Daniel T. Pekarske, SDS. ISBN-13: 978-0-87462-737- & ISBN-10: 0-87462-737-0. Paper. 565 pp. Bibliography. Index. $47

“In studying Karl Rahner I was often stifled by knowing that I did not know where to find references to specific topics within the vast range of his writings. This frustration led me to write the first volume of abstracts of Rahner’s 23 volumes of Theological Investigations. This same frustration has now led me to write this second volume of abstracts and indexes.

It is my hope that by using this book in tandem with my earlier collection of abstracts of Theological Investigations researchers will be able to locate quickly and easily the chief contributions Rahner made on a host of important topics. I also secretly hope that in perusing this book, professors will discover other lesser known Rahner essays they might include in their course reading lists.” — Dan Pekarske

Dan Pekarske, SDS., is a Salvatorian with M.A.’s in philosophy and theology, and a PhD in religious studies from Marquette University. After teaching 6 years in his Society’s major seminary in Tanzania, East Africa, he now serves as an advisor at the Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wis.

His previous publications include Abstracts of Karl Rahner’s Theological Investigations Volumes 1-23 (Marquette University Press, 2002; see #31 in this series); The Life of Johann Baptist Jordan, Known in Religious Life as Francis Mary of the Cross, Volumes 1-5, 2008 (ed.); The Moment of Grace: 100 Years of Salvatorian Life and Ministry in the United States, 2 volumes, 1994 (ed.).


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