7. Hearer of the Word, by Karl Rahner. New Translation of the First Edition by Joseph Donceel. Edited and with an Introduction by Andrew Tallon. ISBN 0-87462-631-5. CD VERSION by a special arrangement with Continuum Publishing Co. $10. The CD version is a readable and fully searchable PDF.

Hearer of the Word is the single most necessary book of philosophy and pre-theology Rahner ever wrote. It discusses not only being and knowledge, but freedom, faith, and love: it has a heart in a way missing from the necessarily technical tome that is Spirit in the World. Ideally one should master both Spirit in the World and Hearer of the Word, but one should never, if forced to choose between them, forgo Hearer of the Word. It is the sine qua non of Rahner studies. A work of sustained power and incomparable metaphysical interest and importance, it is at once profound, yet readable and clear-at least in this excellent new translation of the first edition here published for the first time.”

Hearer of the Word is a contemporary classic, the best key to understanding Rahner’s omnia opera, and his single best effort to show how the human spirit in the world can hear the word of the Spirit who enters human history.” — From the Introduction by Andrew Tallon


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