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67. Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Globalization: The Quest for Alternatives, by John Sniegocki. ISBN-13: 978-0-87462-744-2 & ISBN-10: 0-87462-744-3. Paper. 354 pp. $37. Bibliography. Index.

Current forms of economic globalization are leading to increased hunger, greater inequality, the undermining of local cultures, and severe ecological crises. In this interdisciplinary study, which draws upon fields ranging from political economy to ecology to theological ethics, John Sniegocki explores these negative realities and their causes. Sniegocki also explores possible alternatives, highlighting the activities of inspiring grassroots movements throughout the world that are working for change and suggesting ways that each of us can support these efforts. Sniegocki devotes attention to numerous important contributions that can be made by Catholic Social Teaching to the quest for positive alternatives. Among these contributions are its vision of integral development, its understanding of structural injustice, its holistic conception of human rights, its deep concern for ecology, and its emphasis on solidarity with the poor. The author also suggests several ways that Catholic Social Teaching could be yet further enhanced, particularly through dialogue with grassroots activists and scholars such as Vandana Shiva of India, with persons in the field of radical political economy, and with the insights of theologians such as John Howard Yoder.

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John Sniegocki is an associate professor of Christian ethics and director of the peace studies minor at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He received his PhD in Christian ethics from the University of Notre Dame in 1999, with a secondary focus in the field of political economy. He has published numerous articles on Catholic Social Teaching, globalization, the ethics of war and nonviolence, Buddhist-Christian dialogue, the Catholic Worker movement, and food ethics.



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