26. Love and Friendship. Book 1: The Experience of Love. Book 2: Personal Friendship: The Experience and the Ideal. Two books in volume, by Jules Toner. ISBN 0-87462-650-1. ©2003. Paperbound. 333 pp. $37

This volume brings together in a single binding Jules Toner’s classic treatise, The Experience of Love—out of print for many years and now made available again—and a new posthumous book here published for the first time, Personal Friendship: The Experience and the Ideal.

Toner’s Love and Friendship is the work of a single vision, all the more credible for uniting in our emergent consciousness all three intentionalities: affection as the deepest dynamism of love, cognition as the questioning, understanding, and critically testing and judging intentionality, and, finally, volition that turns the affection and cognition into decision and action, into the affirmation in love that is commitment of one person to another and, in hope, to all. The experience of our affective dynamism toward universal human community is primary, and the way we understand its possibility secondary, including the Christian way he espouses at the end of the second book. —Andrew Tallon, from the Foreword



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