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81. Agon in Nietzsche, by Yunus Tuncel
ISBN 978-0-87462-823-4. Paperback. 293 pages. 5.5 x 8.5. Bibliography. Index. List price: $29.00

Agon in Nietzsche is a comprehensive study of Nietzsche’s relationship to the agonistic culture of ancient Greece. The book examines not only the overt elements of Greek agonism in Nietzsche’s early works, but also shows how his later works embody its spirit as it is manifest in such notions as the will to power, the overhuman, and “active justice.” While bringing Nietzsche scholarship together with recent studies on Greek agonism and the Olympic tradition, the book explores, in Nietzsche’s works, the culture of competition in such areas as mythology, sacrifice, suffering, transfiguration, feeling, justice, training and education, rhetoric, spectacle, and power.

“A multifaceted study by an enthusiastic scholar on a much neglected topic. Tuncel excellently manages to reveal the spirit which pervades all of Nietzsche’s thoughts.”
Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, University of Erlangen-Nurnberg

“Yunus Tuncel’s book is a long awaited study of the Greek concept of agon and the multifaceted role it plays in Nietzsche’s philosophy. It provides the reader with numerous interesting informations about the meaning and role of the concept in many different aspects of ancient Greek culture and about the way it was received by Nietzsche and—explicitly as well as implicitly—used by him throughout his writings. An indispensable repository for whoever wants to get acquainted with this important aspect of Nietzsche’s thought.
Paul van Tongeren, Radboud University, Nijmegen

“Studies of Nietzsche’s  agon highlight the Greece of antiquity, illuminating its indispensability for an understanding of Nietzsche. Yunus Tuncel offers a classical reading of Nietzsche’s  agon through friendship and festival, politics and art.”
Babette Babich, Professor of Philosophy, Fordham University
Executive Editor,  New Nietzsche Studies

Yunus Tuncel teaches philosophy at the New School University. Tuncel co-founded the Nietzsche Circle and serves on the Editorial Board of its electronic journal, The Agonist. He has published essays and books on various topics, including Towards a Genealogy of Spectacle  (2011, Eye Corner Press). He lives in Jersey City with his wife and daughter.




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