56. Free Will, Predestination and Determinism, by John Cowburn, S.J. ISBN-13: 978-0-87462-754-1 & ISBN-10: 0-87462-754-0. Paper. 268 pages. $30


John Cowburn presents the theory underlying the doctrine of free will from both philosophical and theological perspectives. Part One covers the psychological and philosophical conditions for free will, dealing also with compatibilism and chance. Part Two covers the historical background of predestination and other theological problems from the Biblical and Patristic periods through the Scholastics and Reformation and continues into the twentieth century. Part Three offers a detailed defense of free will against determinism. Part Four covers practical questions on making decisions, the influence of emotion, and moral theological concerns.

John Cowburn, S.J.John Cowburn, S.J., is professor of philosophy and member of the United Faculty of Theology, one of four Associated Teaching Institutions of the Melbourne College of Divinity in Victoria, Australia. He is the author of Love, and Personalism & Scholasticism, published by Marquette University Press.



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