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April 2014

Discuss these topics in the program's final weeks
As noted in the March newsletter, although the formal mentor program concludes at the end of this month, these discussion topics can finalize some items and set parameters for future communication.

1. Review the goals you outlined when you first met. What else needs to be done?
2. Discuss post-mentor program. Would you like to keep in touch with questions and updates? If so, outline expectations.
3. What worked well with your mentorship? What could have worked better?
4. Can the mentor offer any introductions to colleagues or friends who can help with your career journey? Any job or internship leads?  
5. Is job shadowing your mentor possible during summer?

Mentees use spring break to shadow mentors in Atlanta and New York
Mike Martin While some students spent their spring break at vacation destinations, mentees Renae DeLucia, Arts '15, and Lexi Dahlberg, Comm '15, took advantage of their time away from campus to shadow their mentors. DeLucia shadowed Dr. Mike Martin, Arts '93, at the Atlanta VA, which included learning about the career journeys of three psychologists, meeting with interns and attending a seminar.

Dahlberg shadowed Chris Pardon, Comm '92, of CNN. Among Lexi's highlights were a TV studio tour and developing a greater understanding about the advertising and sponsorship side of a major network.

Special thanks to both mentors for their generous time and leadership in hosting their mentees.

Response deadline approaching for April 24
program finale

Thanks to many individuasl who have already responded for the Mentor Pilot Program Finale on Thursday, April 24, at the Lunda Room in the Alumni Memorial Union. Reply here by April 17 or contact Dan Wooters for more information.

Five Questions With...Steve Rushin, Jour '88
(Molly McQuade, Comm '15, mentee)

Steve Rushin1. Why are you serving as a mentor?
Because plenty of people helped me, and because students need to hear that their goals are attainable.

2. Why are you serving as a mentor?
Because plenty of people helped me, and because students need to hear that their goals are attainable.

3. Two things you think a Marquette student should do before they graduate.
(1) Something nice for someone less fortunate and (2) their own laundry.

See Steve's full interview.

Five Questions With... Emmali Hanson, Eng '16
(Mark Gehring, Eng '86, mentor)

Emmali Hanson1. What has been one of your key findings thus far as a mentee?
I have found that there are many options for careers in my field, and I should explore as many as I can to find what I really want to do.

2. What advice would you offer other mentees to maximize the relationship with their own mentor?
I would tell other mentees to discuss specific events that happened in their mentor's lives that altered their career or that served as turning points.

3. What have you learned from your mentor that will help plan for the future?
I have learned that networking is a very important tool to open doors and help one be successful.

See Emmali's full interview.

Five Questions With...appears in the monthly mentor newsletter and the online mentor toolbox.

Final program survey to be sent later this month
As a pilot program, ongoing mentor and mentee feedback has been instrumental in the development and success of the initiative since its inception. A final evaluation survey will be sent at the end of the month to better understand overall results and help plan for future programs.

Visit the MUAA Mentor Pilot Program website for more information or contact Dan DeWeerdt at or (414) 288-4740.

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