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Diane Dressler

Marquette Mentors salutes mentor Dressler for service administering vaccines



The past year's COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in a life with so much uncertainty and isolation. However, the availability of multiple vaccines may result in a return to a life we once knew… or at least close to it. Frontline health workers and volunteers nationwide are working diligently to distribute the vaccines throughout their communities at a steady pace.

In her free time as a retired nurse, mentor Diane Dressler, Grad ’80, volunteers three-four days weekly at Milwaukee's Bread of Healing Clinics in Milwaukee to distribute the vaccine to a variety of individuals, especially those without health insurance.

“Many of us would like to be part of an effort to help our community emerge from the pandemic,” Dressler says. “As a retired nurse, I'm privileged to volunteer at the Bread of Healing, with largest of our three locations (Cross Lutheran Church) just a few blocks north of the Marquette campus.”

Her Nursing mentee, Maggie Lyons, noted that Diane’s love and dedication for nursing is demonstrated through how she treats others.


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2020-21 Marquette Mentors Resource Guid

2020-21 Marquette Mentors Resource Guide

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