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2020-21 Marquette Mentors Toolbox

Mentees, campus partners and mentors celebrate official kickoff in new and meaningful ways

Different times call for different measures and the official virtual kickoff of the 2020-21 Marquette Mentors followed suit as nearly 200 mentees, campus partners and mentors in 25 states celebrated and connected.

The program, which was established in 2013, included industry-related networking sessions, an interview with mentee alumni and veteran mentor Steve Rushin, Jour '88, who is working with his eighth student in as many years.

While previous kickoffs have been held in person on campus, the virtual platform provided many mentors nationwide to participate for the first time.

"By being able to attend the kickoff, I had the ability to spend valuable time getting to know some of this year's mentees as well as other mentors from around the country," said Bob Kohl, Comm '89 and senior director of broadcasting for the Nashville Predators. "Participating in the networking sessions with everyone was an added bonus, too."


2020-21 Marquette Mentors Resource Guid

2020-21 Marquette Mentors Resource Guide

Marquette Mentors is the mentor program of the Marquette University Alumni Association. For more information, contact Marquette Mentors Senior Director Dan DeWeerdt.


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