From Milwaukee to Manhattan: shadow with mentor at Goldman Sachs inspires, opens doors 

MUAA Mentor Program

Mentee Shawn Donahue's whirlwind trip to New York City and shadow mentor Joseph Schuster, Arts '10, Law '12, of Goldman Sachs provided many opportunities to explore career options. Read about his visit and more in the May MUAA Mentor Program newsletter.

2018-19 MUAA Mentor Program Resource Guide

2018-19 MUAA Mentor Program Resource Guide

Five Questions With... Ryan Hendrickson, Arts '91 (Lauren Van Kleunen, Communcation mentee)

1. Why do you serve in the MUAA Mentor Program? 
I enjoy interacting with Marquette students; it keeps me connected to Marquette in a very meaningful way.  

Ryan Hendrickson2. What suggestions do you have for mentees? And mentors?
Mentees do best when they are prepared and have thought about the established goals. Similarly, mentors can have well-directed conversations when the goals remain at the center of the conversation. 

3. You’ve worked with several mentees. What’s one thing you have learned from them?
Mentees, like most mentors, are busy people. Mentors need to appreciate that our mentees have a lot going on in their lives. 

 4. Is there a class you wish you would’ve taken when you were at Marquette? If so, what was it?
I wish I would have taken a course from George Reedy, who served as President Lyndon Johnson's press secretary. It is a MAJOR regret, which is why I advise all of my mentees to pursue these sorts of interests. 

5. What are two things you think a Marquette student should do before they graduate?
Make sure you that leave Marquette with no regrets, whether it is to fully experience Marquette, the campus, Milwaukee or professors in fields that intrigue you. 

Ryan Hendrickson, Arts '91, is dean, vice provost and professor at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill. He’s serving in the MUAA Mentor Program for the fourth year.

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