Project Overview

The recent renovations on the first floor of Johnston Hall began last summer when rooms 103 and 104 were completely gutted. The project has just been completed and the new spaces are open to students.

The new "J-Pad" student lounge has been relocated from the lower level of Johnston Hall to room 103 along the north side of the first floor of the building. Walls were removed and new windows were installed to open up the space, which is nearly double the size of the old student lounge. Features of the new lounge include a multi media wall, new comfortable lounge seating, new tables and chairs, and a kitchenette complete with coffee and healthy snacks. New carpet, lighting and paint complete the room.

Across the hall, room 103 has been transformed into a new 66 seat class room/presentation hall. The technology had been upgraded and new tables and chairs have replaced the old student desks. The columns and high ceiling, architectural details that remain from what was once the old Jesuit residence chapel, have been restored.

Work continues on the elevator in Johnston Hall and is slated for completion in January 2011.




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