Effective Januaury 1, 2019, the cost for chaser tickets will be $10.00 for departments paying for parking for guests.

Please contact Parking Services at least 48 hours in advance to process the chaser tickets requested.

Please include your department account # for billing purposes.

The Parking Services office is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.





Student--Spring 2022 permits will go on sale on line via the tiered system beginning in December.

Students may begin purchasing their permits online once their respective group’s window is open.

Any outstanding citations registered to your account must be paid during this transaction before permits will be released.  

The application process will start with commuter students.

Each subsequent group's permits will go on sale @ 9:00A.M. per the schedule below until all permits are sold out:

December 1—All Commuter students ONLY!-NO 24 hour permits available for this tier

December 824 hour permits for ALL Juniors, Seniors & Graduate Students (including Law and Dental)

December 15—24 hour permits for Sophomores

December 22—24 hour permits for Freshmen







Valid permits that show your location and expiration date must be picked up from the parking office and properly displayed on the vehicle when parking on campus.


Vehicles not displaying a valid permit are subject to ticketing.


Persistent/repeat violators are subject to towing.


Spring 2022 permits will be available for pick up from the parking office beginning Wednesday, January 5th.

S1 is located @ 749 N. 16th Street

S2 is located @ 1240 W. Wells

Please pick up your permit from the parking office @ 1240 W Wells.

Please email us with any questions you have or to request information about Parking Services.